Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Rest In Peace Anticant

You deserve it.

What did you leave us with?
That is easy to answer.

Keep on trying and working and doing towards that which is right and to the good. ( but still find a joke or a dig at the postmodern-turns that tickle)

Anticant : you were a beauty beyond words.


trousers said...

Well said, Zola.
Rest In Peace Anticant.

Merkin said...

And so say all of us.

zola a social thing said...

It would be nice if we, poor, bloggers could come up with something to honour Anticant and his playful banter ( even if he never did, not never did, understand the football).

Any ideas?

Merkin said...

Well, I have seen the parasites, such as Tatchell, diving in already.

Eric asked me how to close the Burrow (my wording).

My thought is to post favourite AntiCantisms from his most recent past before it closes.

mineytodd said...

Hi ZoZo Bear
sad sad news......
love to Eric and Mr Tiggy
and love to you
LavenderBlue ( Miney Todd )

mineytodd said...

At that point even anticant gave up!

It is very difficult to come to terms with no more Anticant..............
Lavender Blue

zola a social thing said...

Maybe it is not a "closure" that we need.
It maybe a opening.

That would be the kind of tease that I would send to our Anticant.

BTW : nice to see some of you again.It was the death of another that made it possible.

Jose said...

Your last comment has my support, perhaps our best homage would be to keep sending posts to his blog.

And yes, Zola, death instead of separating seems to reunite people.

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Amy said...

I appreciate your PO very much the picture with the article. Continues to refuel!!

Anonymous said...


zola a social thing said...

I have been reading again Anticant words.
Still I find something new.

best wishes to you all that have been involved

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