Monday, December 31, 2007

As the New Year rumbles on and as part-timers ( who just cannot hold their drink) mix and mingle with the real drinking classes ; and as the New Philosophy takes political spins from ear to ear, then a piece of a poem for all those that sense metaphysical guilt.

" And new Philosophy calls all into doubt,
The Element of fire is quite put out ;
The Sun is lost, and the earth, and no man's wit
Can well direct him where to looke for it.
For every man alone thinkes he hath got
To be a Phoenix, and that then can bee
None of that kinde of which he is, but hee.
Feele this consuming wound, and ages darts,
For the worlds beauty is decai'd or gone,
Beauty, that's colour, and proportion. "

After a sick and first decade to this pathetic 21st century and when even the likes of careerist politicians spin us their new compass bearings as a new philosophy I do hope you, my fellow readers, will find sympathy for olde Zola in the next 48 hours.
Anything can happen !!!

Wish you a better 2008 I do.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Males must make a behaviouristic type of New Year Resolution.
Women must make a social type of New Year Resolution.
This all sounds like more bullshit to me.
I'm off to check on the Saturday football.

Friday, December 28, 2007

In the post today there was a wonderful package. My brother-in-law sent out a few items that he well knows are missing in Lapland. Inside were:-

A Christmas Pudding ( large)
Jars of Shippam's chicken spread
Branston rich and fruity sauce
Grow your own Jalapeno peppers
and more........

Due to this day of excitement and gratitude your Zola will not be throwing any under-the-belt punches at those blue-meanies. Not today anyway.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Dogs are IN next year. Bet on them and pump your money on them.
Dogs are IN.
Cats are out.

Tag Those Demontia and Sir Parkinson and .....
The goodwill Christmas brings forth a host of foolish angels.
Now we should "tag" those deviants even more. Dementia must be hunted down and set under the screens of control.
This, at the same time, as ( it is reported by our reliable press) 55% of the UK population believes that the debt-economy is going to do well for them in the year 2008.
Happy bloody Christmas.
Question? : Who needs to be tagged?

Monday, December 24, 2007

A very merry xmas in fact is the wish for all.
Thanks to to those old lefties that have already wished your homely Zola a sober and sane Yuletide.
Well off to put on a few extra kilos.
See y'all soon.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Back somewhere in the 60s I was given an invitation to attend a "new kind" of TV show and this invitation was for my family all. We attended. Then .......
After about 5 minutes of this so called live performance two men began to jump up and down every now and then and show us signs like "Clap" or "make a noise". I was new to this kind of game. But after 15 minutes I simply stood up and walked out in a state of disgust and total loss.
I did not know then just how much this kind of live real TV would progress.
I see it now.
Now I know I should have thrown eggs on the stage or worse.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

I am in the middle or sorting out a few historical things concerning past work and a forthcoming public lecture.
One of the things I have now remembered, from the 1990s, is the rather cold hearted and even nasty responses that came my way after I wrote a firm critique of the following piece of writing from one Doctor in the USA and I quote it below and here :-
" Ninety to ninety-five percent of all people who lose their jobs do so because of a lack of interpersonal skills. Out of the top five qualities employers value most highly, three of them are directly related to interpersonal effectiveness. Skills of such importance should not be left to only genetics or chance. "
OK I critiqued this piece of Phd level writing rather firmly. I did not even try to suffer fools gladly.
But why, for being critical, did I get called a radical troublemaker by so many professionals?
I still think that Doctor is a raving idiot.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

He has been caught red-handed cooking the books and budgets again.
But never mind Condi-Sleezy-Nice is planning an Outdoor Adventure Centre in Panama for him.

Monday, December 17, 2007

The well known and respected BAE Systems group has promised to provide for each new stake-holder :-
a) ear plugs
b) sunglasses
c) discount funeral arrangements for any family member at risk

The Clean and Clear The Skies organisation said that this was a major breakthrough with value-for-money entertainment.
Hear nothing, see nothing and say nothing.
But there are critical voices suspicious of the senses in all this. One country person said : " what about the smell"?
WE wait for the latest updated news on this sensuous issue.
This week marks Queen Lizzi overtaking Queen Victoria as the the longest serving and duty bound employee of the British Empire and England.
Only George 3rd ( if my HIS-story is correct) has served the public longer but he does not count as he is considered a bit too mad to have a vote.
Maggi Thatcher is not amused.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Best Eco-Deal around he said.
Trouble is it will all slither and wither in their yellow underpants.
Today, after hammering out the wicked 13th with philosophy, I needed to wash the dishes, make lots of food and make the fire in the house. What is this world all about? Godamit.
Shit I will need to shit soon.
But then a thought came to me.
Nu-Labor and psychologists and management trainees. What is common with these remarkable beasts of illusion?
Then the telephone and I felt hungry.
Can you imagine what it is like to slither and slobber, bubble and babble when the telephone rings?
The USA was trying to contact me as my number was given as the dog that slithers and bibbles, babbles and bobbles along.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

After 350 responses to your Guardian article you must feel today that you have finally been sussed.
You have not changed since your lefty-career days of the 1960s. You are still the same old career politician.
But let me not serve mere opinion here.
You said that the sun rises in the East.
I checked that out today from my European Union position.
Just before midday the sun rises in the south part and just after midday the sun sets in a similar south part that is closer to the west.
Therefore even your obvious objective remarks are way off line.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

How many justifications can be made for absurdity?
No wonder some people prefer animals.
Was in the sauna last night and then looked at myself in the mirror and asked myself if I measured up.
GordiLordi Brown Arse will be putin pen to paper soon.
God I miss Yorkshire spades.
I need a Hairy Gate.

After rape what can a person do? When that rape is also cutting off the tongue how can we speak?
We send our young ones to war all the time but fuck them up before that anyway.
But has that voice of the shuttle become a commodity?
Can we weave a tapestry to tell the truth in a culture industry?
Can we?

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

I never think it necessary to find reasons for those dreams ( Don said that methinks ) but for some reason or another I woke up today with Dusty Springfield on my mind. Her music will not leave me alone. After 5 hours of morning white-black blues I just don't know what to do with myself.

Maybe I have been reading too many blogs from Trousers all mixed up like a bruised dream ( blame the Merkgrin for that). Maybe Szwagibaggyeyes keeps thrusting musical Adorno's to me that I yearn for the good old times when a Saxon-Onion really made yer eyes water. I just don't know. But maybe Lavender has gone blonde all over ( I must check that ).
Perhaps this is a vision...............
In a sweeping move yesterday the EU select group set up a nu plan for the support of the target-makers.
Special and extra funding will go to the UK and Estonia.
The basic plan is to provide each and every politico with a "behaviour mentor" so that the bad behaviour of politicos can be addressed as an ongoing "process".
Our source in the EU said that " we are not implying that our politicians are at risk but we do want to improve our behaviour patterns and we can do this through personal mentors for each behavioural thing involved."
An American consultant is said to be given the task of implementation.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Heard it, seen it and spent it I guess but "fuck off" remains a kind of myth that "we" live by. The power of "fuck" I cannot give or receive.
I guess that you do not get the message you are not a member of the team, Or, at least, you do not get fucked very often or at all. I get fucked many times but only a few times with haqqppinessis.
But let us wait a minute here. Could these mean safe sex in anyplace that is a port in a storm?
Could this mean just go away quickly ( same thing really).
Or could this mean a fuck off and away from this mess of the tests of morality.
Could this mean "Fuck when you will Sgt Major?"

In the latest political storms in the UK today the role models for youth are being branded about. So far the Spice Girls and Margaret Thatcher have been nominated for official recognition.
However one publication, a rather high-brow publication too, has nominated the lone-blogger LavenderBlue. As an ex St Trinians girl made good she does, it was said, provide the youth of today with some of the essential ingredients to make that cake and eat it in everyday life.
But our reporter called her this morning to ask for comments on her nomination. The reply was "Fuck Off".
When asked to spell this she spelt it out loud and clearly and did not even add a yer nor wat i mean. Because of this the editorial board decided to continue publishing the LavenderBlue promotion.

Saturday, December 08, 2007

A Day In The Life and then the damned death as December 8th is remembered like a Walrus gone wrong and a bad trip on a magical Mystery Tour.
Those were the days with fish and finger pie.
Cardiff City football club are clearly unfit for purpose. They should be forced into administration as quickly as possible. They are what is wrong with the good sport. Also 10 points, at least, must be deducted from them this season. This is only fair. This is only as it should be.
We must take the high moral ground here.

Friday, December 07, 2007

Foreigners, reindeer folk, are now welcome in the UK.
Before it was not so easy for reindeers or reindeer folk.

Reindeers were taken to the Scottish mountains many years ago and with them a Laplander guy. After a short time the UK sent him away. Then the reindeers began to die. The UK asked the Laplander back and, of course, said sorry. The Laplander returned and the reindeer community began to thrive again. There is a "bildung" somewhere with this story based on fact.
If you need to check, check, the stuff from Cairngorms and reindeer.
Compare the facts with the typical UK tourist version of reality today as is written in newspapers and all that.
Yes I did live then and know a few folk that were involved.
But that is history.
What is the Bildung for us and today?

For cooperation and solidarity thay are fined tea money.
Interest rates are 5.5 now - cooperation and solidarity?
How am I to make sense of all this?
After Independence Day Finns wake up to rain and the green grass showing itself as the ice melts. Snow has gone. Lapland?
Bugger me soon we will have a health spa here for folk from North Wales.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

December 6th is Independence day for Finland. It was in 1917 that the the emerging Nation State of Finland declared independence from Russia. It was a well timed event as the situation in Russia was a little hot and messy at the time. Lenin recognised this Finnish act officially on January 4th 1918. ( The Brits were not so quick!!!)
By the way Swedes gave Finland away to Russia a hundred years before and Finland became a kind of pass the parcel in all the war games.

But today Finns begin to forget work and begin to cool down for the big celebrations over the next 36 hours.
Question in parliament today :-
Q : " What happened to Graduated Pensions?"

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Latest research claims that chimps know after learning just what a real banana republic is and where it is to be found.

1) Sex education in schools works and Polly Toytown shows us all just how to limit sexual acts. It seems that all we need to do is place a picture of her inside our heads and that will be enough.
2) There should, it was claimed, be more courses for older folk. That is a kind of liberal arts educational type thing course. I shudder at the implications when we see :-
Antiquescant doing courses in kick-boxing and metaphysical poetry.
LavenderBlue with her Domestic Science with the life and times of Marlene Dietrich.
Merkyperky doing an analysis of Page 3 babes with Freudian Fantasy Teams.
Trousers doing daisy-chain design with American Studies.
Szwazzifuzzyman with his Aztec rap with Catholic Radicalism in Poland.

Ah dunno maybe the world would be a better place then.

Monday, December 03, 2007

The National Health Service of the UK ignores those that are "at risk" through no fault of their own.
UK voters have not helped National Health.
Blair-Brown and all that, from 1066, show well that the UK folk ignore those with learning disabilities.
Voted in Thatcher they did too.
Oh dear me what a very "Poor Law" system.

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Lenny Bruce is gone
But his spirit lives on and on.

Friday, November 30, 2007

The NuLabor latest. The UK human body must not be for sale.
Incredible this considering that this NuLabor is prostitution par excellence.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

When I was active in the climbing scene there was one thing that really caught my imagination. It was that so very many of the best climbers and mountaineers were homosexual.
Of course it would be obvious that homosexuals would climb just as any other would climb.
But so many of the very best and world famous mountaineers were homosexual.
I have yet to make good sense of this fact.
Was mountaineering a space for homosexual protest vis-a-vis the dominent culture of male and female chains?

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

After a week or two, after the first wave of PR, where are these new left and all so liberal Ny-Labour workers?
Where are they?
Perhaps they need time to present us with their vision before they provide us with the(ir) programmes.
But I smell a stale kipper on the plate.

It seems to me that the invisible hand of civilisation and mechanical expertise, attached to an equally abstract and anything goes so long as it pays, is at the heart(sic) of mistaken identies and flawed information. In other words our expert-systems murder innocent-others in the name of efficiency and risk.

Scratch, just a little, this skin and system and what might we see?
Maybe Karl Marx was just close enough to the big story with his alienation theme.
By the way Norwich City won AGAIN last night.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

United Nations Wisdom and Groanagin
According to the UN it will be the "poor" that will suffer because of the "failures" of developed countries Big Boys.
Jesus Wept !
It is the successes of the big boys that create the suffering under this nasty and short and brutal reign of terrorist capitalism.
....there is a better life for me and you."

Monday, November 26, 2007


Special performances by Spike Milligramned and Winston Burchill
Directed by Basil Blackbladder

Sponsorship comes from the Prudence Union

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Due to the binge drinking culture and the destruction of the national health Service, including dentists, a group of experts from the UK have come up with a NULabor plan.
It is this : feed babies with booze when they cut their teeth and ensure that they learn the stages of euphoria.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Iceberg shatters the trusty boat.
What is below really matters.
As I once said to the Duke of Westminster : take a grip on this !
It seems that a convict is sick. The story goes that a liver transplant would be needed. This convict is a very bad person.
The Daily Mail today runs a comments page on this.
I checked it out ( got banned agin).

The hate and the tragic playing God scene is too clear.
Comments are from pure and clean readers who can do no "sin".
Goethe come back all is forgiven.
Gide come back all is forgiven.
For fucks sake can humanitas come back.........?

Thursday, November 22, 2007

The CommonWealth(sic) are planning to make a new World Cup for the football.
British companies are all behind on this one.
The England football game last night was a disgrace. From the beginning when Brits went booooooooooooooooo to Croatia as their national music played. The spin from players and manager, on and on lies and deceit in management talk-ways to control the damage.
The game reflected, for me, the new UK that I have finally begun to see and understand.
I am not alone in ex-pat circles to say a disgrace and to apologise to any left out there that thought the Brits could behave in better ways.
To be an ex-pat is often to live and feel Britishness more than a Brit. Maybe I take the shock too seriously.
But I am disgusted.
Even the so called manager did not wait for his own players to leave the pitch - he almost ran down the exit tunnel.
This is Blairite Britain for me clear as clear to be.

I think I am glad that Croatia and many others have and will take this new uk to the cleaners and down a few pegs.
During my summer visit there I senses something awful. Now I see an example of that awfulness through football at all levels.

This is a deep culture of spin and powder-puff-kid arrogance. It will not go away soon.
How can a person apologise for this disgusting display of Nu-UK?

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Of all the governments in this (our) world today - which are the governments that show a bias towards the well being of the majority?

OK, a silly question.
It does not, however, close the doors for a damned good reply that is quite different from the original philosophy that inspired such a silliness.

Yes, yes, yes, I am asking something about democracy. Boring.
I have just been wondering which government, even in a democracy, can claim to be in bias towards the well being of the majority.
Damn it is, is it, so difficult?

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Nurses in Finland have, at long last, gained financial satisfaction. The solidarity was too much for the government ( pretending that local government was not national government).
Nurses in Finland have, should have had it long time ago, satisfaction of knowing that their work was important work. ( yet those nurses that did not join in the mass protest and especially those "private trainer-nurses" are today struggling to "look good".)

In fact government is quite pissed off right now.
There is still no respect for really essential workers.
This "win" by the nurses is just a battle.
To get that respect ( away from instrumental victories) "costs".
The government lost that kind of respect about a week after it was voted-in.

Yet I dance and sing with those good nurses that get a decent salary now.
Good luck to you all I say.

Monday, November 19, 2007

UK Monday morning.
A mass exodus of small children. Kids run away from UK schools like never before.
Interviews with some of the kids showed the cause of this mass burst of activity.
" We are showing the Brown man that we can read ok thank you. In fact we read even between the lines of our big leader. That's why we run. "

I blame the parents and the teachers and the preachers and the creepers that creep and creep and creep.
The Kids are Alright.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Cumulus is a white puffy cloud often associated with showery weather?

Willy Willy is a miniature tornado peculiar to Australia?

Friday, November 16, 2007

Today the Finnish government voted to ignore nurses and public opinion. This, yet again.
The plastic mis-economy is on the air right now.
At the same time the Prime Minister, Matti Vanityman, could not be present to vote.
He was in hospital at the RIGHT time.
Damn it this all sucks.
School uniforms should be more uniformed say top experts.
There is too much "social exclusion" involved today.
We need more creative and innovative youth.

Is this the NU-UK?
Or what.

I have received a grant from the Finnish Association for the Advancement of the Correctional Abilities in a Mis-Political-Economy. I have been given the task of displaying Finland on a Friday. Then the money runs out.

Anyway here it is :-

1) At the biggest local hotel we have boxing. Men with Finnish sounding names fight against men with Swedish sounding names and Russian sounding names. It costs 15 Euro to get in and the drinks are not cheap.
2) The government is set to disrespect the nurses yet again as the second reading of the Anti-Nurses-Bill is happening. At the same time Finnish agents made employment fairs in Poland to encourage Poles to come and work in Finland.
3) The State run "Alko" shop has the workers on strike. This really pisses off many Finns on a Friday.
4) In Rovaniemi ( an insignificant Santa Claus place) a new Academy is brought into action. It is called "The Elf Academy" and grants diplomas to those that study to become elves to help Santa Claus.
5) The sex industry really gets going on a Friday and there is always a full display of Far-Eastern girls advertising in the newspapers for nice chats and therapy.
6) Damn it I'm off.................. sorry

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

This morning was one of those hospital mornings.
I was due the first injection as winter time comes along.
I walked in the room with a smile ( surely she will like me after what I have been writing in support of nurses in Finland)

Were you born in England she asked me.
I said yes.
Have you been a good boy she asked.
I said no.

She then jabbed the needle in my arse and I am sure i saw her feet lift up from the ground as she did the wicked deed.
She smiled as I left the room.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Yes it was predicted even here on this blog. This morning the Finnish government passed the first reading of the so called "Patients Safety Bill" which roughly translated means the Anti-Collectives Bill and the you will do as you are told Bill.
Nurses have seen that the political and business elite can quickly make a bill preventing any kind of collective protest.
The second reading is on Friday.

Last count was a clear majority of Finns in support of nurses but the clear majority of right wing Blairites in government show their teeth. If this really goes through a sea change situation will be upon Finland. It may soon be that 20.000 nurses will protest ( Finland is a small country of 5 million people so 20.000 is very many).
Will the more industrial trades unions show support?

Have I ever been down this road before?

Monday, November 12, 2007

The absurdity of Monday is no new thing as school and work systems have long been a regimentation of things that really make little or no sense. It is then on a Monday morning that the crassman comes to call.
But it all makes work for the bloggerman to do.

Considering that more than a few bloggers turn to Jung stuff and even paint images of hills and fields and stuff like that - considering that I went back to a quote that I had used many years ago - a quote from Jung. It was this that he said when he was 87 years of age :-

" Modern man has not truly looked into the great divide within himself, the great divide which separates him from wilderness and nature ..... The more uncertain I have felt about myself and life, the more has grown in me, through nature, a feeling of kinship with all things. "

As the snow surrounds our home now and as footfalls tell a story I will be off to hunt a good looking female reindeer to spread the message. I shall be at one with the world.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

The Queen Speaks for Nation
Remember, remember the 11th of November.
Send more to war and then celebrate.

A good father today might say no.
My sons do not need to join the army.
Not sure about everywhere but in Finland today a father is thanked.
My father is dead and gone but I might still thank him.

He was non-violent.
He used to warm my clothes early in the morning before I went out to deliver newspapers at 6 in the morning in the rain.
He crafted a wooden fort for one birthday and I played with it for many years until I became too "mature" ( that fort was given to others and I hear is still used). Good craftsman he was.
Smashed my head in once. Father cleaned me up calmed me and then made sure I was not alone in the hospital.
At the end, attacked by cancer, he still tried his best to chat to me as a father would. He was brave in his sweat and bumpy body.

Thanks dad

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Winnicott used to ask us to do things "just good enough". Always thought that such a simple and clear statement was just good enough.

A good parent is so abstract and yet this abstraction is all we have to try and live with in bloggerlands. Such is the hassle of worded-deeds.

But, at the same time, good parents "are worth it".
Is this irony and a postmodern play?

I was an adopted child and proud of it in this way. I was given a second chance as it were. I was parented. Gifted.
Maybe that is what I might say to this question.
Second chances are good.

Friday, November 09, 2007


As past preist Blair is for the turning and embraces the Catholic poverty of philosophy and as Brown inhales his own opium mixture then what will we expect from the Nu-Lefties today?

Will they be able to handle the religious debates that have so influenced left-wing politics for about 300 years in the Modern world?
Will they be able to be critical ( remember a book called "Catholics and the Left" from the 60,s where Marxian writers struggled with their faith) or will they avoid such basics?


Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Finland has been called, sometimes, more American than America. Sometimes that has seemed to me like a good sense reading. Sometimes.
Schools, killings and.......... Nokia land.
As I live in the north we call the south and Helsinki -- HELLSTINKI.
We have better ways of slaughter in the North.
This post in no way disrespects those hurt by senseless killing.
I am just sad at this absurdity that grows and grows in Finland.

The "no comment" ploy of Finnish authorities no longer works.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

. ( Same old crap )

Education, education,education was there, in USA style under Bliar, today we have aspiration, aspiration,aspiration.
CLASS(sic) stuff ignored yet again.
And that was just a small bit.

Is there any point in "trusting" a UK democracy anymore or before?

Parliament will have new powers!!!!!
Same old crap.

It might be OK if words remained with deeds and meaning.
But sorri.
That time has gone.

Please think up a new way to classify folk into ... into ... into ...
Fuck it stink up, stink up a new way to sell the shit up shit up cock up crap.

Blame me I am a small Hermes
Shame .......
Sori if I get personal.
Shit stinks.
Old Szwagipants is up to mischief again. ( see his site).
Poor trousers is getting sent up to the cleaners.
But he is on the run.
It's odds on right now.
Place yer bets.

For those in angst remember Sparticussipussy blogs awhile back.

And who said that Szwagiknickers was only a footnote to Plato?

Monday, November 05, 2007

It has come to my notice that any blog attempts to blow up the Houses of Parliament will be dealt with harshly.
The same goes for newspapers and general media. No mention no cry.

So I just thought I would remind folk.
Got my bonfire working.... have you?

No mention of Guy Fawkes either.
But I want a bonfire, I want a bonfire....

What next? The first snows have fallen but are quickly slushifying. What ever happened to lost virginity that remained flourishing? Black ice next methinks.
Anyway have made a big wood fire things pure and simple.

However a big problem early this morning. Too much existential thinking perhaps. As I had made a very hot cup of coffee I placed a spoon in the cup. Then it came to me. Was the spoon absorbing the heat so to allow me to drink the damned thing quicker or was that spoon keeping the whole thing hot for longer? That caused a few hours of hassle for me and if I write about it I do so in hope that it will just go away.
Then began to write my words for a publication. Boredom set in. So I played around with history and things got better.
Did you know that this year is a big year. 1307 was the year when that big girls blouse Edward 11 began his reign. He was to lose Scotland.
Let that be a history lesson for the big girls blouse beginning his reign in 2007.

Bit concerned about our Trousers though. Seems that the kegsman has been full of dreams turning into reality again. But this time it is a fairly well researched disease that is evident. It is called, Addastickstoyer, and is associated with a poor diet and a unhealthy desire to avoid a middle-aged-spread. We must keep a careful eye on this situation.

Saturday, November 03, 2007

It is All SOULS WEEKEND and the damned shops are closed.
We had already suffered ALL SAINTS DAY and now ALL SOULS DAY is upon us and the shops are closed.
But, as no doubt the Finns will testify, it is the weekend when candles are placed on the gravestones. It is the first time that Finns make their wonderful candle-light displays with the dead but still remembered.

Graveyards are not always this way.
The worst graveyard I saw was in Prague.
The best in Finland.
But the frigin shops are closed.

Are there no limits to this respect for the dead?

Friday, November 02, 2007

a) nothing left to lose
b) nothing left to gain
c) everything to consider

What would you say?
Outside and away from the correctional happy conscientisuch ( that is where even obvious words and deeds of Capitalism are self-evident and Godly yet forbidden ) there is another happiness.

There is the happiness that really warms and flourishes for and with folk.
It is a happiness that cannot be measured.

Happiness is a subversive community of beings as Being.
Therefore the adventure.........
After our annoying but always goodly Anticant receives an award I am tempted into strange lands.
What is this "appropriate behaviour" that the UK talks?
Could somebobby help me there, could somebobby tell me where I went wrong?
( sori that should have been "somebody" help me there)
Just a song no need for an accountable Barclays Bank ( who remembers South Africa?) but is this song appropriate.
Personally I wank at the Midland ! Good blue feminists are our future.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

The English have always had a special skill. To twist words around so much as to always find the sun shining out of the English arsehole.
The British Empire ( with slaves from Wales, Scotland and Ireland) was of course a British Empire. Oh the English. ( was that "Brutish" Empire" get a medel for that)
Forever a bit of this England laid down and dead in a WORLD WAR. Yes that is right a First World War!
Dizzy obvious stuff this.
Holy Shiite now the English accuse the slaves of Wales and Scotland of being selfish and refusing the "window of opportunity" ( for finance centres in London) of Olympic football through an agreed Great Britain team.
Think it was football anyway.
Could have been a few other things too. ( oh yes)

I am not proud ( even in a soft and good way of being proud) of being born and first bred in England.
The only language Ican use in this high-warping-field, that is forever England, is this kind of language : GOOD BYE TO ALL THAT ( sori selfish I know but right to say).

But I do begin to understand the celebi-clubbi-britti-pity ways now a little more.
They have nowt to live-for but their imagined-selves in imagined communites. It is all very English. But fucked. Not even Wales or Scotland will support the image.
In fact much of the wider world moved long times past but that is another more significant issue.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Talking to a young student recently I brought up in conversation the 13000 nurses that all signed along the dotted line to quit unless they were finally ( after all these years) to receive a decent living wage.
I said too that solidarity was needed in this new kind of "strike" protest.
Because the governmental orrificeespits are already conspiring to defeat this valid claim by nurses. ( Make an example for others say the governmental elites). It is happening as we speak, right now as I write.
The nurses are going to lose this. ( read my headline again - constipation?)
But the way that they lose is now my main thought.

How can we lose well when the winners are a bunch of shits?

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Scotch Corner Anyone?
Leyton Orient have sent out a call for help. They try to reach Doncaster for todays game. But somehow they arrived in Penrith. Pissed again said the local cuntstables who play rugby.
Is the A1 so difficult today in modern England?
Or is it just football chappies from the south?
For more information on this go to the BBC or ITV sites or phone me ( 32 euro per second per second).
What more do you expect from a Sunday when the clocks change.
And really it makes no damned difference at all

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Guy De Maupassant is asked to manage the blog-worlds.
Any more 24 packs arriving soon?
No woman no cry.

Back to the football.
But got to keep the bloggers satisfied
"Everything is going to be alright".
Ra Ra the Russian Team
Beat the Brits and put your hands in the air and give me yer money.
Just wait, just wait.
I am signing up for Norwich City.
Somebody has to do something.

Sven likes brown girls in the rain.
Doing the best I can to keep to the rules of the blogland.
A 24 pack was placed on me mailbox last night.
You are all damned lucky that I am still here to be a regular blogger.
Then it happened.
I got out golden oldies.
Played the boxes and boxed the players.

Eyes and ears emerged this morning with Bony M ( but that was not me that was my daughter, mother, wife or ....).
Kill that cat I will.

Freddie Frinton I honour you.

Better than reading James Joyce.
Rules that is what is needed.

What happens if I get another 24 pack with Bony M.
Throw a wobbler I will and dance me legs a'plenty.

Musta stoppa this now football soon on Saturday.

Friday, October 26, 2007

As 13000 nurses and "social" care professionals sign on the dotted line to resign then what happens. In Finland the smell of social things angers the government.
They signed a resignation letter to the Ministry and all that ( who deny responsibility as they try to "create" innovative private concerns.)
The government, paid by the citizen, denies responsibility for the lies and the deceit and the broken promises of generations.
The 13000 working folk will lose this.
The 13000 working folk have little or no support from the democratic majority and the image makers. Thios is true even if over 60% are supporting.
This 60% is a weak 60% and the government knows this.
Can you guess which ideological bits of info will win the day? Can you?

That this is no "strike" ( this is resignation) shows the problem. There is no real solidarity as community.

Can 13000 stick together just long enough to make a difference?
Can nurses and related workers kick off their chains of false morality-politics?

Next week you will know.

Right now I say that they will be fucked up again.
If not I will eat my hat.
There I was at the bingo when a tap on the shoulder was that kind of tap to notice. It was a policeman, a debt collector or LavenderBlue.
Thanks the Gods it was me old Lavender.
God knows why she was there in such a place but never mind for that.
Lavi won again by the way.
Then she refused to lend me sixpence for another game.
Time to go home she said.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Number one was the infamous eye of Kelly or something like that. So on the green line number one. All so simple unless some prat of an academic or silicon-valley-celeb comes along to ask the wrong silly questions. Then on the green line sweet sixteen ( time to get fucked and kissed forever green) 16 on the green.
On the blue line two fat ladies forever and never alone. 88 on the blue line. Stop throwing those coins at me Madam! On the blue 88.
On the Red line, quack-quack, two little ducks 22. Not on the blue, on the Red ,22.
On the yellow number 10. Number ten on the yellow.
On the yellow number 11, legs 11. Can you see them?
On the green line number 21, key of the door, Oopps.
On the green line number 18 key of the door. Ooooppps?
On the blue line 66 look at the p(r)icks on ........
At least there is one corner of resisting-stance!!!
fuck it.....

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

United Nations Day is celebrated by a few people today. ( Do you remember when?). Anyway your reliable and steadfast Zola decided to do the right thing.
Placed condoms on the Vatican bits that were seen to be erect.
One chappie, after his new hat, said God has blessed me in those strange ways.
Will the rest of the Vatican City lot condomscend to join the UN?

Friday, October 19, 2007

After our beloved Anticant and Merkin were shortlisted for the Paul Foot Award for 2007 it is rumoured, in high heavy circles, that Szwagi is well up for nominations for 2008.
Would like to say more but at this stage the gagging order is enforced.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

It is Nobel Prize time again. Or it was. Say again.
Anyway Hermann Hesse remains, say again, Hermes Hessipressi remains as the hermeneutic joke.
No idea about that.
Just like to run or walk or ramble around and about. So simple.

But here it is :-
" Ever since I was a boy I have been in the habit of disappearing now and then, to restore myself by immersion in other worlds. My friends would look for me and after a time write me off as missing. When I finally returned ......... ....... "
Hermann Hesse wrote that way.

Damn it, this is a cost to society. True.ancy.dancy is not goooood.
Being - ( away) from school is expensive. Bunking off school costs!!!

Going fishing again soon......

Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Roll up roll up, smack arse and slide in with the ripples.
No need for oil.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Speak Up, Speak Up, The Buggers At The Back Can't Hear
As the brutal religious force of Gawdi Brown-Arse rallied the congregation and claimed victory through the clap for four minute wonders there was heard one small voice from the gutter-press ( just before he was taken away).
This small voice pleaded for reasonable definitions of the words by the Prezzi-Brutarian Brown. This just before he was finally escorted into a "Brand New Big Tent" he was reported as yelling : " No, No, there are no tent pegs and the wind is a-coming-up-agin. I will not be collapsed into this postmodern doom".

With this in mind your duty-bound and moral Zola must Accuse yet again.
The Gawdi-Prezzi-Brutarian must define his terms in his postmodern way of refusing International(ism) politics.

Zola asked from a Labour supporter. The reply was simple and it was :-
" The Brutarian does not do International stuff.
- The Brutarian does not even do Glocalisation ( knows not what it means)
- The Brutarian refuses definitions on Globalisation and wobbles thereby.
- What the Gawdi-Brown Prezzi-Brutarian does do is GROBALISATION.

This is the Pink revolution that finally brings in the wets?

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

It was overheard, by my special source, during a WC break after the big Brown speech of Boredmouth that two CBI officials asked Prezzi-Brutarian Brown if he really meant what he said about this "British way" of morality, duty, respect and responsibility. The PM Brown replied : " Oh yes I did. But I did not mean it for the likes of you or I. You must have understood that from the very beginning, surely. But we must get a respect from below and they must show their duty and responsibility to our ongoing ways. It is not servitude I demand but voluntary servitude because that is the tradition of our wonderful Britian. Freedom is a British tradition. "
I leave it up to the forces of history to comment upon that little trickle-down of the information.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Jose the special one is off for awile having done a smart deal with Man United and the Fergie man. Chelski will flop this year and not even reach Europe next year. Man Utd are happy and have offered Jose a job beginning in 2008. Now that really is good business and strange that most quality newspapers have not picked up on this. This is Gordon Brown politics in action. USA ways are the NU-Manchester.
Manchester City and the sapper Sven song are also quite happy at this news and as today is a shopping day Sven has promised to stay with Harrods. A 2-2 result is agreed and again everybody benefits. Sven will be in Europe next year. Do you see the trend? UK business politics is moving away from London.

Norwich play Wolves today. As I am on an anti-smoking regime-programme forgive me if my nerves show signs of stress. Doctor put me on this 90 day programme even after protests from the night nurses. Wanna fight anyone??????? Norwich play Wolves and the Norwich players have my sympathy for having to travel to those dirty places of the Midlands. Foul places.
Liverpool play Birmingham too today. Never understood why Birmingham even got admitted into any football league.
Lincoln are playing Grimsby. A wash out before it begins.
Ok nobody interested about that low lander event.

In the North-East they have a local Derby but Whitby has more going for it than this. That is saying something.
After the typical Scottish performances recently I refuse Scottish games this week. I also hate Gordon Brown.

Trousers asks me not to bring in any happening around the Derbyshire area. It seems that they still go walking on Saturdays and football is rather naff. Nowt good in Sheffield anyway so I shall respect the Trousers wish.

Norwich City cannot play Dublin today. He is banned due to a well known Mills. It is time that Mills bloke got a little review process. Oh yes... the nasty little sod.

Shit I want a smoke already!!!!!!!!

As Labor takes the annual holiday event so seriously we find Gawdi-Brown writing for the Guardian. Who do you think you are kidding Mr Hitler?
Best comment this far was : " I do not believe you Mr Brown".

But will Trade Union members avoid the inevitable clap?
Will combinations ( active citizenship ) form again and use the only peaceful way of protest to change things that need changing? Will collectives come out in full support of nurses? Will the Prezzi-Brutarian be challenged for real?

I have my doubts. Big doubts. Sad sad doubts. In fact I am digusted and feel bad enough to say that if the UK votes for such a man then it really deserves what it gets. But that is a terrible attitude to take. I know it and feel it.
Such is the level of disgust.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Such are the words spread around today. Chelski and Northern Rock meets with the Arms Industry. Boys with toys. Shame that so many people like to play even when it is not in their own "interest".
I guess I just go blogging agin.
Maybe sing a song : Laughter in the Rain. But it is all the same.

Think I remember my grandfather saying this self-same thing.
Damn it can I remember... does history work.....
Asbestos I say. Asbestos.
Zola is open to all-comers here. Try to be anyway.
But I cannot see British morality and I cannot see any reason or feeling to support a British standpoint in African or even International relations.
It is all a bit like chemical weapons - they come back at the brits on a windy day.
Shit too many examples..........

I am not proud to have been born British.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

EU - AFRICA and Gawde-Brown Arse
It would be a good thing if the UK Brown-Arse did not attend the meeting.
If the UK wants to send a "lower-ranked" official OK but you cannot get much lower than the UK right now.
Who can sink down lower than a Brown-Arse?
Sori to be so crude.
But the Great Britain image must be kept clean.......
Due to a wonderful cooperation with the Readers Digestive Zola can offer you a free evaluation of your very own well-being.
All you have to do is answer the questions below and give your postcode.
The questions :-
1) Do you pay for your own insurance policy?
2) Do you own your insurance policy?
3) Do you refuse insurance policies?
4) Do you understand nothing of these questions?

5) Do you own land?
6) Do you possess land?
7) Do you have cultural capital?
8) Do you have no idea what these kinds of questions really mean?

9) Do you grow your own food or join with others locally in food production?
10) Do you smoke?
11) Do you enjoy a bum-burner-curry on a Friday night?
12) Do you use cosmetics?

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Ringo Starr is in trouble we hear. Invited up to the stage he was. Sang a song he did. But as always he was playing a different game. He acted naturally again singing :-
" Lady Diana, Children at your feet,
Wonderin how you manage
To make ends meet "
But he believed that he was singing the song.
Sir Paul McStarkers did not press charges.
Let the blogs tell the truth, said Ringo : " I meant no harm to anyone. I just tried to act naturally".
Did Ringo get the words wrong?
Before more ado about nothingless let me plead a Limited Liability as Zola is not a real person. Zola is a protected species of nothingless itself.
In Finland Wednesday is, say researchers, the gloomy day for most folk at work. It is Mondays that are gloomy for schoolkids.
The weather is better today.
The working class begin agin to pick up the pieces.
Ah history bleeds itself to banality.
Can't think of much more to say today. Limited you see.
Nationalise me if you can.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Who Does This Remind You About?

" There was a young Lady of Riga
Who smiled as she rode on a Tiger.
They returned from the ride
With the Lady inside,
And a smile on the face of the Tiger. "

Answers please by phone ( 0077-101101-911 ) 1 Euro per minute.
( you may find a small waiting time due to congested lines but stay calm )

Monday, September 17, 2007

Due to recovery periods, happily wrapped up in bed ( no comments about that the neighbour please, I used to be British) boredom creeps in. However as this period of grobble-Capitalism begins, again, to burst the end of the over-extended condom your getting fit for purpose Zola has been reading hundreds of pages concerning the Hitler years between the 1920s and the 1930s. Many seem to see a connection between then and today. Thought I would check it out for myself as my memory is always in need of new support and evidence. ( Shit I really thought i was playing for Norwich Sunday night!!)

Anyway the links are there. Compare Georgi Bushikus with Adolficus speeches. In fact the number of sure links are rather terrible and even an old fart like mesen did not think that these links were so clear and brutal. I have been too trusting.

Will continue and try to show this ... a few 300 pages of stuff yet to fondle ( so long as the neighbour behaves herself that is).
But hope to give some main examples soon.
It keeps me off the streets and away from the bars and Berlin.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

SATURDAY Arse Out Of Bed Time
Norwich City are playing one of those namby-Pamby London clubs today and I hope my efforts to get out of bed are well rewarded.
Scotland had a gay day in Paris I hear and a certain McFodder became a hero and stuck a thistle up his back passage before running around the pitch at the end of play. Well it takes all types.
Liverpool are keeping over 50 million of credit away from the public as the benches play safe with credit. Shining example to London from the pool. Crouch is back after rumours that he was to be burnt alive due to foot and mouth disease.
Damn it Leeds dis-United keep on winning and move away from relegation zone. At this rate Gawdi the Prezzi-Brutarian Broon will take lessons from Herra Bates.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

After a few days with needles, nurses, doctors and hospitals I'm back. Knackered but back.
The truth was the night nurses demanded my return for a prolonged spell and who was I to refuse that call to duty.
Resume some blogging soon when energy levels get on the up.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

It has been reported that Gawdi-Brown Arse has been taking over the puppets and manipulating them from "behind". ( and there was I thinking that the Punch and Judy show in the UK still rated as a must-see event).
Lordi(soon to be) Gawdi, Brown Arse has been using the fine old art of a puppeteer as a subtle disguise for what really is beneath.
In search for his pupilarity-status ( Scots Law) to be upgraded Gawdy-Brown Arse has started to beat upon unmarried women with his wicked stick.
But, it seems OK. His popularity is good enough to get elected again.

By The Way : What is it with big ears? Blair, Bush and Brown, Charlie boy?
Take a look in the mirror I must.
In good old conservative and religious tradition the so called leader of the UK government tells his world that YOUNG people are at-risk from the sex and the violence on techno-things like TV and DVD. What we need, he says, is a new social contract. We must help those to help themselves to better value-added pursuits.
Did we not hear this many years ago from the USA leaders of cultural violence?
Have we not heard this term "at-risk" already quite enough in an uninsurable world of an unsustainable political-economy?
No matter Brown-Arse will blame and shame just the same. In his tradition you see.

Much better, I suggest in humble fashion, is to build upon protest and participation for real whereby politicos and bussinessicos will be blamed and shamed for their nasty promotions of their culture of violence !!!!!!!!
Therapy courses are, of course, needed here for politicians "at-risk".
How can we help politicians to avoid this culture of risky violence?
For Gawdy-Gawdy sakes we need such a "programme" and help-line!

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

The new "Prezzi-Brutarian" Herra Brown relies on his Balls to lead the way in the latest intelligence test for the UK re-puke-an-lic. The early morning gatherings today are to be all together now, all together now. After a viewing from the big screen of Osprey Williwinbe there will come a group, well-being, song sung by the mass as mass. The song goes :-
" I feel I am I know I am
I'm H.A.P.P.Y
I'm happy, I'm happy
I feel I am
I know I am,
I'm H.A.P.P.Y.
An ongoing investigation of the Harold Wilson files ( it was said that Wilson forbid the works or words of George Orwell to be "even thought about" ) has been, again, halted and this time the order comes from the "New Prezzi" Gawdy Brown. Before, the good reader will recall, it was both Thatcher and Blair that stopped this investigation as it was not, they claimed, in "the National Interest". ( it was only in the interests of those revolting peasants that run hospitals and trains and pay graduated pensions!!!). But the Harold Wilson files have been put back into that box and away from freedom of information.
However, it is rumoured that there are more middle class peasants revolting today and to publish the Harold Wilson "memos" would make a tidy buck as well as rock the boat of Blatcherism. One family member of the Wilson reproductive-circle has even said ( although un-printable as yet) that " Why should Thatcher and Blair take all the credit when my father was already there many years before?"
Also banned from public eyes is a quote from Edward Heath concerning the " lean to the right of a Wilson regime when our society should find the middle ground of a new Europe ...... and avoid the wars that will come along through the new Fascism that is slowly creeping into a debased Labour party..."

Monday, September 03, 2007

In my last post I used the "quaint" term "grobble". Trousers asked about this word although really the picture of Mr Punch and Judy showed it all a thousand times or more already. However as Trousers is keen and clean in most of his ways the Zola feels quite obliged to be serious and to say more about this " to grobble or be grobbled or to be involved in grobble and grobbling". However there is also "grobbl(ed)" which has an educational intent and/or consequence, manifest or latent - this can be intentional or unintentional, also, and even, have no obvious consequences, at least for now - and I must leave it up to the French Intellectuals to sort out the rest. However a few guidelines :-

1) Grobble has a Finngelski origin rather than a Latin origin. Grobble is a term of and for the blogosphere as a written Oral Tradition.
2) Grobble is a process rather than a A-nouning-act ( it is also verbing the world). In this the grobble is situated before and beyond idle definition. It is also relational.
3) A "grobble" is related, in the process, to a fairly predictable set of timetabled happenings which often, but not always, display a blurred pattern, as in a) a "goosing", b) a "giggle" and, c) a "gobble. Then; d) a gaggle to be followed by a "real grobbling event". ( who said the postModern has no timetables?)
4) It is rumoured that one part of this oral tradition of the grobble is also related to a certain Beadle surprising, an oft mentioned, Mrs Malaprop to such an extent that she was to try and speak out loud with her mouth full ( not a usual politeness from Mrs Malaprop) so who can tell in this world without origins? Far be it for me to promote rumour but in the name of truth your Zola does is best to inform.

Zola hopes that this serious post helps all TEFL professionals to grapple with the evolution of EEOT ( English as an Evolutionary Oral Tradition). It is also hoped that Trousers will find his lost sock now and find that extra footing he seeks. My god I will need all the help I can get if Butwhatif starts up agin. So Zola is serious and kindly today.

Friday, August 31, 2007

In a grobble with Judy after all that?
But this is the NuLabor ending it seems.

Just to re-cap. The crocodile did get the sausages and the baby was thrown into the linen basket ( nice and soft there) and the policeman was knocked abit with the infamous stick but all was well.

Professor Pulson left out the BABY WITH THE CROCODILE.
Punch did NOT give the baby to the crocodile.
And please do not say yes he did because no he did not.
Your poor Zola was almost in a tantrum when this happened.
But NyLabor refused to support Prof Pulson and his Punch and Judy show so I wonder if this is the way to get cultural capital today in the UK.
Just change the main story-lines.

So there was a happy ending.
Moral of story : do not rock the boat or feed the baby to the crocodile.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Punch and Judy Continued as the Baby Becomes An Issue.

How will this baby grow up we ask.
Is Judy trying to steal the baby from Mr Punch?
Why does Judy have strange shapes emerging from her nether back lower regions?
The baby smiles.

E-Cheques have arrived and I trust my clients I do.
I am also a respectable provider of pubic services.
So the next stage of the saga of Punch and Judy may be activated.
Unless we hear anybody from the backbenchers yelling out no more, no more or Merkin has never been really married before but he is on our files as married.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

FIRST PERFORMANCE SOON ( get yer subscriptions at the ready)
The Punch and Judy antidigital display warms up.
Apologies to Professor John Pulson from Southwold for any future anarchy. You must remember that the Southwold NuLabor Council does not contribute which means that they would find it difficult to sue. But Prof John Pulson deserves respect as a host of young children and I joined in this wonderful frolic of seaside delight.

To subscribe to this long awaited performance just :-
a) answer the question below well, and
b) send a e-cheque to anti-depress@Trousers.dottycom
The question is : Is Mr Punch a good role model for the young people of today?

In "absolute essence" says another NyLabor layabout with a Brown nose. The EU will be reformed constitutionally with a treaty that was well negotiated for UK folk by the one and only Blatcher-Patcher anti-unionist imsen.

I hear the "Four Green Fields" is rarely sung today. Shame.
Everybody trusts their very own "absolute essence" and in the UK this suits a few, a very few, a very very very few, people.
But my sons have sons as proud as ever their father.........
As the UK includes wonderful hedgehogs in their plans to conserve wonderful things your exiled Zola feels proud.
Serve the hedgehogs every evening I do. I take out that which the cat leaves as unfinished and to stink the house out. I add lots of water and place in a dish which the hedgehogs have fun with as they love to tip the dish up and engulf themselves inside as if wearing a dishy hat.
The cat keeps those nasty long tailed, black, ratti-like ( never conserve those nasty things) creatures at bay by hunting and eating. Birds pick up the pieces the fussy pussy refuses. Brown things too are not for conservation says our cat. Fussy Pussy? Never would vote NyLabor you know.

But I smell a rat here somewhere. What about all this wonderful or nasty labelling. The wicked and wonderful Merkin for example is in need of conservation. Why does the UK government not include the Merkin under this conservation plan?

I suspect that Mrs Malaprop(a doodle-dandy) is another breed that needs help.
I would say the same for our tasty LavenderBlue if it were not for the fact that she will reproduce her species no matter what others say or do ( when women began to refuse the bra as an act of liberation LaviBlue was already refusing knickers). But there should be, at least, a special day put aside for our always threated Lavigal. She might always gain a few bucks ( Bucks I said!!!).

Monday, August 27, 2007

Calls in Greece for arsonists to be probed.
Government spokesman said : "This could take some time, but I cannot think of a better way."
According to police reports the insurance companies are saying that this was an act of God.

There I was content and hazing around on a Sunday morning when news comes. The first winter-wood supplies would arrive soon.
This year we have ordered our wood from a local family that will sell us those most precious birch logs.
But, goddamit on a Sunday ( especially after a long Saturday trying to educate LavenderBlue on football and Nottingham).
To cut (ouch) and long story short... this week will be the death, yet again, of the drinking classes. This is no mere bundle. This is...... 5 trailers of logs.
The only good things are that, first we keep warm in winter. Second, everytime I use that chain saw I get good vibrations.
Zola is a very erect greenie when he has a chain saw working.
Better than the coal mines.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Never liked those Rangers lot anyway..........
Sami Hyypia has been banged by Sunderland bring on Tommy Smith we say!!!

For those in denial or withdraws-a-plenty the Punch and Judy stuff comes soon.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Bank of England ( privatised Brown-points as England that is) Says....
These debts will remain social debts not economic debts.
As GDP ( whoever cared for that under Blatcherisim?) sinks under personal debt and responsibility and as being a bankrupt no longer is being a kraut-jew ( just look at the football me lads) - as GDP is fucked to the personal debt-culture industry then it is best for UK folk to move away methinks.
Money-for-money-for-money is but a risk-upon-risk-upon-risk.
What we need is a risk-upon-risk-upon-risk analysis.

Fuck me when I was a virgin.............
But now I need three condoms AND a wank at the end !!!!! ( sori more if you please and tease me no more).
The Triple-X-factor? Oh so very personal ---- sori.
OK the US kills a few Brits again in friendly fire. OK? Not ok.
But nor is it OK for Big brits to kill "Others" in friendly fire, so there.

It is all OK as our "Ken" weeps and bleeps from a London centre.
It is all OK as Brits still remain tied and tried to a tradition that was never really OK anyway. But that "Centre" cared little for the real Fringes outside of ........
Me fingerprints are on code 27564.
Public knowledge that although I cannot say more.
In fact I cannot even use !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! very often

Thursday, August 23, 2007

The Elk ( some fools call it a Moose) farts too much and damages the carbon copy of an eco-sphere (? , umm, yes...). Anyway the Elk farts too much for human healthy and wealthy programmes.
What can be said?
Elk meat is really good.
I mean bootiful-bestest-good.
Kill more Elk and save the world.
Love the meat the Dr Feelgood said.

If you want to play a part in this programme just read " THE Times" and then slot into the first available flight to the Nordic Lands ( THE Times will help you here).
Stop farting Elk we say. Save our world. The Queen of England supports this as farting is not a done-thing.
UK professors support this too as they think ( even if not bloggers) that farting is just not a decent word to use in society.
Stop the farting Elks.

After review I must say that the Merkin and Anticant are already under investigation and I have heard that soon Trousers and LavenderBlue will be inspected for elk-like anti social behaviour. Anna Mr is already keeping low key on this because her beloved Finland is involved ( and she has contacts, by text massages, to the Forign Minister).

All responsible citizens hold hands and spiritually call for forgiveness as there is a fear that Mrs Malaprop farts too.

After the BBC and other respectable media barons covered Keith Richards and the Rolling Stones on-stage-acts of smoking ( yes smoking!!!!) we see that the Beeb asks for photos from those that were present at such stage acts. Fair enough we suppose and good interactive journo stuff. But then comes the warning :-
" At no time should you endanger yourself or others, take any unnecessary risks or infringe any laws. " ( from the BBC )

Perhaps this BBC risk-management statement could be applied to the UK war mongers that enjoy long summer holidays in the silly season.

Methinks the father of Mr J. Depp is OK but something else is a bit wrong. I cannot just put my finger on it.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

If you respond well to the question below you will receive a 6 month free trial for the now well awarded Zola-Ink-Spots information source.
Add your culture and cultural awareness to your CULTURAL CAPITAL.
Soon there will be the betting-blog ( already hailed as the bestest of blogbets) and those that sign up before the 25th of September 2007 will receive free £10 bets for anything related to bets on a future terrorist attack in Greenland.
Answer well the question below and you become an accredited member. If you answer correctly you will be linking to other future wins and still be free to bet again. You will become a value-added addition to our already growing stakeholding economy for all.

The question is : What is the link between Readers Digestive Bickies and Nixon Tricky Dickies when it is compared to Toni Blair and Homer.
Just e-mail your answer to :

In English speaking cultures ( and not meaning those strange people that speak English as a Foreign Language better that Brits speak their own) We have found, through detailed and solid research, that the most popular mind-set word is "ME". The second most popular is "I" used as a word directly.
Also we found that the term "APPROPRIATE" is another sign of these times and places.

Sources reveal that the Queen of England has taken an interest in this. ITV, the Brit TV station, makes a bid to cover this cultural industry wave of anti-wee and me-pee stains on the red carpet.

Some bloggers have been interviewed already. ITV will not give out details but it is appropriate to say that many bloggers want secretly to be Queens. However, it seems that the bloggers take only themselves as the subject.
We will try to keep you updated on this significant issue.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Damit NO SLEEP for a Zola in these storms of discontent
UK seeks a "Topless" image and they label it e-quality.

I suspect that a few "down-to-earth" nether-regions are needed here before the UK can really shake em down ( Do you love me, do you love me now that I can dance...)
Shit shit take it all down..... down, down .....
Like a mashed spud
Peel it all off
Feel me, fell me, FOIL me
Love me.....
Do you like it like that?
For details buy today's PUN Newspaper.
All Guaranteed by GARTER SNAKE BELT Ltd.UK.

Your adorable Zola really ought to sleep right now methinks.
Jesus wept this stuff is becoming an institution.
Narcissus and Nasturtium es(t) spiritus dum fortussusssus.
Forte non superb-e-baywatch I say.
If I get involved in any more of these blogger awards and tugs and tags I will throw a wobbler and print picts of ME topless.
Could I pass a GSCE with that?
Could I become a A-Class Blogger ?

Bloggers are ok and I enjoy the real fray (when it appens) but all these blogger awards are just too much for a ZO-ZO-BEER to take.
Save me from getting pissed again on all this!!!!
Save ME pleezze!!!!!!!!!!!
Maybe too late.....

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