Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Speak Up, Speak Up, The Buggers At The Back Can't Hear
As the brutal religious force of Gawdi Brown-Arse rallied the congregation and claimed victory through the clap for four minute wonders there was heard one small voice from the gutter-press ( just before he was taken away).
This small voice pleaded for reasonable definitions of the words by the Prezzi-Brutarian Brown. This just before he was finally escorted into a "Brand New Big Tent" he was reported as yelling : " No, No, there are no tent pegs and the wind is a-coming-up-agin. I will not be collapsed into this postmodern doom".

With this in mind your duty-bound and moral Zola must Accuse yet again.
The Gawdi-Prezzi-Brutarian must define his terms in his postmodern way of refusing International(ism) politics.

Zola asked from a Labour supporter. The reply was simple and it was :-
" The Brutarian does not do International stuff.
- The Brutarian does not even do Glocalisation ( knows not what it means)
- The Brutarian refuses definitions on Globalisation and wobbles thereby.
- What the Gawdi-Brown Prezzi-Brutarian does do is GROBALISATION.

This is the Pink revolution that finally brings in the wets?

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

It was overheard, by my special source, during a WC break after the big Brown speech of Boredmouth that two CBI officials asked Prezzi-Brutarian Brown if he really meant what he said about this "British way" of morality, duty, respect and responsibility. The PM Brown replied : " Oh yes I did. But I did not mean it for the likes of you or I. You must have understood that from the very beginning, surely. But we must get a respect from below and they must show their duty and responsibility to our ongoing ways. It is not servitude I demand but voluntary servitude because that is the tradition of our wonderful Britian. Freedom is a British tradition. "
I leave it up to the forces of history to comment upon that little trickle-down of the information.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Jose the special one is off for awile having done a smart deal with Man United and the Fergie man. Chelski will flop this year and not even reach Europe next year. Man Utd are happy and have offered Jose a job beginning in 2008. Now that really is good business and strange that most quality newspapers have not picked up on this. This is Gordon Brown politics in action. USA ways are the NU-Manchester.
Manchester City and the sapper Sven song are also quite happy at this news and as today is a shopping day Sven has promised to stay with Harrods. A 2-2 result is agreed and again everybody benefits. Sven will be in Europe next year. Do you see the trend? UK business politics is moving away from London.

Norwich play Wolves today. As I am on an anti-smoking regime-programme forgive me if my nerves show signs of stress. Doctor put me on this 90 day programme even after protests from the night nurses. Wanna fight anyone??????? Norwich play Wolves and the Norwich players have my sympathy for having to travel to those dirty places of the Midlands. Foul places.
Liverpool play Birmingham too today. Never understood why Birmingham even got admitted into any football league.
Lincoln are playing Grimsby. A wash out before it begins.
Ok nobody interested about that low lander event.

In the North-East they have a local Derby but Whitby has more going for it than this. That is saying something.
After the typical Scottish performances recently I refuse Scottish games this week. I also hate Gordon Brown.

Trousers asks me not to bring in any happening around the Derbyshire area. It seems that they still go walking on Saturdays and football is rather naff. Nowt good in Sheffield anyway so I shall respect the Trousers wish.

Norwich City cannot play Dublin today. He is banned due to a well known Mills. It is time that Mills bloke got a little review process. Oh yes... the nasty little sod.

Shit I want a smoke already!!!!!!!!

As Labor takes the annual holiday event so seriously we find Gawdi-Brown writing for the Guardian. Who do you think you are kidding Mr Hitler?
Best comment this far was : " I do not believe you Mr Brown".

But will Trade Union members avoid the inevitable clap?
Will combinations ( active citizenship ) form again and use the only peaceful way of protest to change things that need changing? Will collectives come out in full support of nurses? Will the Prezzi-Brutarian be challenged for real?

I have my doubts. Big doubts. Sad sad doubts. In fact I am digusted and feel bad enough to say that if the UK votes for such a man then it really deserves what it gets. But that is a terrible attitude to take. I know it and feel it.
Such is the level of disgust.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Such are the words spread around today. Chelski and Northern Rock meets with the Arms Industry. Boys with toys. Shame that so many people like to play even when it is not in their own "interest".
I guess I just go blogging agin.
Maybe sing a song : Laughter in the Rain. But it is all the same.

Think I remember my grandfather saying this self-same thing.
Damn it can I remember... does history work.....
Asbestos I say. Asbestos.
Zola is open to all-comers here. Try to be anyway.
But I cannot see British morality and I cannot see any reason or feeling to support a British standpoint in African or even International relations.
It is all a bit like chemical weapons - they come back at the brits on a windy day.
Shit too many examples..........

I am not proud to have been born British.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

EU - AFRICA and Gawde-Brown Arse
It would be a good thing if the UK Brown-Arse did not attend the meeting.
If the UK wants to send a "lower-ranked" official OK but you cannot get much lower than the UK right now.
Who can sink down lower than a Brown-Arse?
Sori to be so crude.
But the Great Britain image must be kept clean.......
Due to a wonderful cooperation with the Readers Digestive Zola can offer you a free evaluation of your very own well-being.
All you have to do is answer the questions below and give your postcode.
The questions :-
1) Do you pay for your own insurance policy?
2) Do you own your insurance policy?
3) Do you refuse insurance policies?
4) Do you understand nothing of these questions?

5) Do you own land?
6) Do you possess land?
7) Do you have cultural capital?
8) Do you have no idea what these kinds of questions really mean?

9) Do you grow your own food or join with others locally in food production?
10) Do you smoke?
11) Do you enjoy a bum-burner-curry on a Friday night?
12) Do you use cosmetics?

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Ringo Starr is in trouble we hear. Invited up to the stage he was. Sang a song he did. But as always he was playing a different game. He acted naturally again singing :-
" Lady Diana, Children at your feet,
Wonderin how you manage
To make ends meet "
But he believed that he was singing the song.
Sir Paul McStarkers did not press charges.
Let the blogs tell the truth, said Ringo : " I meant no harm to anyone. I just tried to act naturally".
Did Ringo get the words wrong?
Before more ado about nothingless let me plead a Limited Liability as Zola is not a real person. Zola is a protected species of nothingless itself.
In Finland Wednesday is, say researchers, the gloomy day for most folk at work. It is Mondays that are gloomy for schoolkids.
The weather is better today.
The working class begin agin to pick up the pieces.
Ah history bleeds itself to banality.
Can't think of much more to say today. Limited you see.
Nationalise me if you can.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Who Does This Remind You About?

" There was a young Lady of Riga
Who smiled as she rode on a Tiger.
They returned from the ride
With the Lady inside,
And a smile on the face of the Tiger. "

Answers please by phone ( 0077-101101-911 ) 1 Euro per minute.
( you may find a small waiting time due to congested lines but stay calm )

Monday, September 17, 2007

Due to recovery periods, happily wrapped up in bed ( no comments about that the neighbour please, I used to be British) boredom creeps in. However as this period of grobble-Capitalism begins, again, to burst the end of the over-extended condom your getting fit for purpose Zola has been reading hundreds of pages concerning the Hitler years between the 1920s and the 1930s. Many seem to see a connection between then and today. Thought I would check it out for myself as my memory is always in need of new support and evidence. ( Shit I really thought i was playing for Norwich Sunday night!!)

Anyway the links are there. Compare Georgi Bushikus with Adolficus speeches. In fact the number of sure links are rather terrible and even an old fart like mesen did not think that these links were so clear and brutal. I have been too trusting.

Will continue and try to show this ... a few 300 pages of stuff yet to fondle ( so long as the neighbour behaves herself that is).
But hope to give some main examples soon.
It keeps me off the streets and away from the bars and Berlin.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

SATURDAY Arse Out Of Bed Time
Norwich City are playing one of those namby-Pamby London clubs today and I hope my efforts to get out of bed are well rewarded.
Scotland had a gay day in Paris I hear and a certain McFodder became a hero and stuck a thistle up his back passage before running around the pitch at the end of play. Well it takes all types.
Liverpool are keeping over 50 million of credit away from the public as the benches play safe with credit. Shining example to London from the pool. Crouch is back after rumours that he was to be burnt alive due to foot and mouth disease.
Damn it Leeds dis-United keep on winning and move away from relegation zone. At this rate Gawdi the Prezzi-Brutarian Broon will take lessons from Herra Bates.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

After a few days with needles, nurses, doctors and hospitals I'm back. Knackered but back.
The truth was the night nurses demanded my return for a prolonged spell and who was I to refuse that call to duty.
Resume some blogging soon when energy levels get on the up.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

It has been reported that Gawdi-Brown Arse has been taking over the puppets and manipulating them from "behind". ( and there was I thinking that the Punch and Judy show in the UK still rated as a must-see event).
Lordi(soon to be) Gawdi, Brown Arse has been using the fine old art of a puppeteer as a subtle disguise for what really is beneath.
In search for his pupilarity-status ( Scots Law) to be upgraded Gawdy-Brown Arse has started to beat upon unmarried women with his wicked stick.
But, it seems OK. His popularity is good enough to get elected again.

By The Way : What is it with big ears? Blair, Bush and Brown, Charlie boy?
Take a look in the mirror I must.
In good old conservative and religious tradition the so called leader of the UK government tells his world that YOUNG people are at-risk from the sex and the violence on techno-things like TV and DVD. What we need, he says, is a new social contract. We must help those to help themselves to better value-added pursuits.
Did we not hear this many years ago from the USA leaders of cultural violence?
Have we not heard this term "at-risk" already quite enough in an uninsurable world of an unsustainable political-economy?
No matter Brown-Arse will blame and shame just the same. In his tradition you see.

Much better, I suggest in humble fashion, is to build upon protest and participation for real whereby politicos and bussinessicos will be blamed and shamed for their nasty promotions of their culture of violence !!!!!!!!
Therapy courses are, of course, needed here for politicians "at-risk".
How can we help politicians to avoid this culture of risky violence?
For Gawdy-Gawdy sakes we need such a "programme" and help-line!

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

The new "Prezzi-Brutarian" Herra Brown relies on his Balls to lead the way in the latest intelligence test for the UK re-puke-an-lic. The early morning gatherings today are to be all together now, all together now. After a viewing from the big screen of Osprey Williwinbe there will come a group, well-being, song sung by the mass as mass. The song goes :-
" I feel I am I know I am
I'm H.A.P.P.Y
I'm happy, I'm happy
I feel I am
I know I am,
I'm H.A.P.P.Y.
An ongoing investigation of the Harold Wilson files ( it was said that Wilson forbid the works or words of George Orwell to be "even thought about" ) has been, again, halted and this time the order comes from the "New Prezzi" Gawdy Brown. Before, the good reader will recall, it was both Thatcher and Blair that stopped this investigation as it was not, they claimed, in "the National Interest". ( it was only in the interests of those revolting peasants that run hospitals and trains and pay graduated pensions!!!). But the Harold Wilson files have been put back into that box and away from freedom of information.
However, it is rumoured that there are more middle class peasants revolting today and to publish the Harold Wilson "memos" would make a tidy buck as well as rock the boat of Blatcherism. One family member of the Wilson reproductive-circle has even said ( although un-printable as yet) that " Why should Thatcher and Blair take all the credit when my father was already there many years before?"
Also banned from public eyes is a quote from Edward Heath concerning the " lean to the right of a Wilson regime when our society should find the middle ground of a new Europe ...... and avoid the wars that will come along through the new Fascism that is slowly creeping into a debased Labour party..."

Monday, September 03, 2007

In my last post I used the "quaint" term "grobble". Trousers asked about this word although really the picture of Mr Punch and Judy showed it all a thousand times or more already. However as Trousers is keen and clean in most of his ways the Zola feels quite obliged to be serious and to say more about this " to grobble or be grobbled or to be involved in grobble and grobbling". However there is also "grobbl(ed)" which has an educational intent and/or consequence, manifest or latent - this can be intentional or unintentional, also, and even, have no obvious consequences, at least for now - and I must leave it up to the French Intellectuals to sort out the rest. However a few guidelines :-

1) Grobble has a Finngelski origin rather than a Latin origin. Grobble is a term of and for the blogosphere as a written Oral Tradition.
2) Grobble is a process rather than a A-nouning-act ( it is also verbing the world). In this the grobble is situated before and beyond idle definition. It is also relational.
3) A "grobble" is related, in the process, to a fairly predictable set of timetabled happenings which often, but not always, display a blurred pattern, as in a) a "goosing", b) a "giggle" and, c) a "gobble. Then; d) a gaggle to be followed by a "real grobbling event". ( who said the postModern has no timetables?)
4) It is rumoured that one part of this oral tradition of the grobble is also related to a certain Beadle surprising, an oft mentioned, Mrs Malaprop to such an extent that she was to try and speak out loud with her mouth full ( not a usual politeness from Mrs Malaprop) so who can tell in this world without origins? Far be it for me to promote rumour but in the name of truth your Zola does is best to inform.

Zola hopes that this serious post helps all TEFL professionals to grapple with the evolution of EEOT ( English as an Evolutionary Oral Tradition). It is also hoped that Trousers will find his lost sock now and find that extra footing he seeks. My god I will need all the help I can get if Butwhatif starts up agin. So Zola is serious and kindly today.

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