Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Talking to a young student recently I brought up in conversation the 13000 nurses that all signed along the dotted line to quit unless they were finally ( after all these years) to receive a decent living wage.
I said too that solidarity was needed in this new kind of "strike" protest.
Because the governmental orrificeespits are already conspiring to defeat this valid claim by nurses. ( Make an example for others say the governmental elites). It is happening as we speak, right now as I write.
The nurses are going to lose this. ( read my headline again - constipation?)
But the way that they lose is now my main thought.

How can we lose well when the winners are a bunch of shits?

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Scotch Corner Anyone?
Leyton Orient have sent out a call for help. They try to reach Doncaster for todays game. But somehow they arrived in Penrith. Pissed again said the local cuntstables who play rugby.
Is the A1 so difficult today in modern England?
Or is it just football chappies from the south?
For more information on this go to the BBC or ITV sites or phone me ( 32 euro per second per second).
What more do you expect from a Sunday when the clocks change.
And really it makes no damned difference at all

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Guy De Maupassant is asked to manage the blog-worlds.
Any more 24 packs arriving soon?
No woman no cry.

Back to the football.
But got to keep the bloggers satisfied
"Everything is going to be alright".
Ra Ra the Russian Team
Beat the Brits and put your hands in the air and give me yer money.
Just wait, just wait.
I am signing up for Norwich City.
Somebody has to do something.

Sven likes brown girls in the rain.
Doing the best I can to keep to the rules of the blogland.
A 24 pack was placed on me mailbox last night.
You are all damned lucky that I am still here to be a regular blogger.
Then it happened.
I got out golden oldies.
Played the boxes and boxed the players.

Eyes and ears emerged this morning with Bony M ( but that was not me that was my daughter, mother, wife or ....).
Kill that cat I will.

Freddie Frinton I honour you.

Better than reading James Joyce.
Rules that is what is needed.

What happens if I get another 24 pack with Bony M.
Throw a wobbler I will and dance me legs a'plenty.

Musta stoppa this now football soon on Saturday.

Friday, October 26, 2007

As 13000 nurses and "social" care professionals sign on the dotted line to resign then what happens. In Finland the smell of social things angers the government.
They signed a resignation letter to the Ministry and all that ( who deny responsibility as they try to "create" innovative private concerns.)
The government, paid by the citizen, denies responsibility for the lies and the deceit and the broken promises of generations.
The 13000 working folk will lose this.
The 13000 working folk have little or no support from the democratic majority and the image makers. Thios is true even if over 60% are supporting.
This 60% is a weak 60% and the government knows this.
Can you guess which ideological bits of info will win the day? Can you?

That this is no "strike" ( this is resignation) shows the problem. There is no real solidarity as community.

Can 13000 stick together just long enough to make a difference?
Can nurses and related workers kick off their chains of false morality-politics?

Next week you will know.

Right now I say that they will be fucked up again.
If not I will eat my hat.
There I was at the bingo when a tap on the shoulder was that kind of tap to notice. It was a policeman, a debt collector or LavenderBlue.
Thanks the Gods it was me old Lavender.
God knows why she was there in such a place but never mind for that.
Lavi won again by the way.
Then she refused to lend me sixpence for another game.
Time to go home she said.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Number one was the infamous eye of Kelly or something like that. So on the green line number one. All so simple unless some prat of an academic or silicon-valley-celeb comes along to ask the wrong silly questions. Then on the green line sweet sixteen ( time to get fucked and kissed forever green) 16 on the green.
On the blue line two fat ladies forever and never alone. 88 on the blue line. Stop throwing those coins at me Madam! On the blue 88.
On the Red line, quack-quack, two little ducks 22. Not on the blue, on the Red ,22.
On the yellow number 10. Number ten on the yellow.
On the yellow number 11, legs 11. Can you see them?
On the green line number 21, key of the door, Oopps.
On the green line number 18 key of the door. Ooooppps?
On the blue line 66 look at the p(r)icks on ........
At least there is one corner of resisting-stance!!!
fuck it.....

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

United Nations Day is celebrated by a few people today. ( Do you remember when?). Anyway your reliable and steadfast Zola decided to do the right thing.
Placed condoms on the Vatican bits that were seen to be erect.
One chappie, after his new hat, said God has blessed me in those strange ways.
Will the rest of the Vatican City lot condomscend to join the UN?

Friday, October 19, 2007

After our beloved Anticant and Merkin were shortlisted for the Paul Foot Award for 2007 it is rumoured, in high heavy circles, that Szwagi is well up for nominations for 2008.
Would like to say more but at this stage the gagging order is enforced.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

It is Nobel Prize time again. Or it was. Say again.
Anyway Hermann Hesse remains, say again, Hermes Hessipressi remains as the hermeneutic joke.
No idea about that.
Just like to run or walk or ramble around and about. So simple.

But here it is :-
" Ever since I was a boy I have been in the habit of disappearing now and then, to restore myself by immersion in other worlds. My friends would look for me and after a time write me off as missing. When I finally returned ......... ....... "
Hermann Hesse wrote that way.

Damn it, this is a cost to society. True.ancy.dancy is not goooood.
Being - ( away) from school is expensive. Bunking off school costs!!!

Going fishing again soon......

Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Roll up roll up, smack arse and slide in with the ripples.
No need for oil.

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