Friday, June 29, 2007

AT LAST a male attitude is taken by the British government. No more Blairy airy fairy namby pamby stuffy. Mr Brown ( who does not like his name history revealed) has tickled his fancy boy and an erection has been observed. Balls is now put up high to look after the little ones. Disgusting said some but Mr Brown is not for the moving. This is a history is it not.
Brown said that " Children and family are the bedrock of our society" and what they need is Balls.
Actually what PM Brown ( with a good nose for promotion himself) meant by this was that " our society" must be "bedrocked" through more uniforms and grades and even a little caning would not go amiss. For the elite to survive and to look after OUR(?) society it is necessary for the (schhhh....schhhh...shush never said a word) working class to be fucked again.
Balls to helping working class folk.
Sori - that was a PRIVATE joke.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

My memory is not what it once was.
But this is not forgettingg.
I remember you well.
Voi, voi, voi, voi ( Boom)
Voi, voi, voi, voi ( Boom)
Voi, voi, voi.....voi, voi...voi (?)... (BOOM)

With response ( and a slump and a boom and a slump) :-

Dar, dar, dar dar---da da, da da, da- da, da. ( continues)

Damit After Reaching Deadlines, Yet Another ......
Yes, ok. Finns are taking bribes ( even in the UN).
That was not said in my blogs. OK.
Maybe I am burnt by the midsummer-sun. Maybe.
But I thought that was obvious even in a dumbed-down world.
We have learnt today that Tony Blair has been sent to the Middle East through the powers of both the Vatican and (what amounts to the same kind of thing) his wife.
From the good Vatican we learn that the Pope sent Mr Blair on a quest to find both redemption and grace and the Middle East was the place to be sent in this search for a heavenly legacy.
From his wife Catholic-Cherry-Intact we learn that : "this was exactly what my husband deserved after all his past hard work and attempts at spirituality for real." When asked if she would be joining him on this quest Catholic-Cherry-Intact said that : " There are many things yet to be finalised in our agreements but it is all for the good."

Your good Zola will try and keep you informed of progress as it happens.
This might take a time.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

We have been asked to inform our readers that Trousers is back although still under shock. He had, as we know, been "travelling" and his travels were connected to a certain court case ( see Judge with and without Trousers reports). A friend of Trousers said to us that : " he will be ok soon although his loss is great and he feels hard pressed to blog right now"). On behalf of the establishment Trousers is forgiven and no jokes will be made at his extra expense concerning this court case. No need to leg it again.
BTW : Anticant remains refusing to answer our questions on this matter.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Due to a huge amount of mail a new blog must be made before my e-mail crashes.
So for this picture competition please use only this blog.
Winners by the end of the week.
P.S Only my family and close friends will receive special consideration as this competition is judged on the "sofa" later this week.

Must go now Pamela Anderson is still in the news here and i am asked to do a special interview.
Due to more Finnish things getting prime-time your favourite Zola decides to say more in this atmospheric angst. ( Change colours now)
After one of my texts was hijacked by the www.coms I received an e-mail from a skateboarder. Yes! A skateboarder. Me? But it seems that one of my anti-sport-pro texts was thought to be a youthful celebration of skateboarding (which it was).
Anyway to come to the mustard and cut the crap : here is news :

Finns are mentioned everywhere in international skateboarding circles. There is even a board with " TURUN SINAPPI" splashed across it ( for sale in most countries). But this is the problem. Turun Sinappi is no longer Finnish due to takeovers and all that.
This is why, in our good house, we use " AURAN SINAPPI".
No skateboard yet has that on it.
Zola remains ahead.
Finns Are ....
More American than the Americans? Such has been said many times.
But it seems that Scotland and even Ireland have better links.
But most twin-towns with Finland come from the wicked east.
Very strange.

Anyway as more Finn-types get responding here on this blog I guess i should talk Finland more. God bless me frurkin mole.
It was 1976 when i first landed in Finland to live and work and .....
well a few memories might come out.
Must check first to see if the guilty persons are still alive.

Monday, June 25, 2007

SCOTLAND Highlands and Lowlands
Let us consider Scotland. It was those Scots that almost invented the Industrial Revolution and the damned ideology that supported it towards Blairism. But that was a low point in history just like the clearing of the Highlands.

But a few Highlands remain.
Oban remains full of chambermaids.
Glencoe remains full of wild weekend gullies to ascend.
In Burghead we may still sing a folk song or two. ( go fishing too)
Even on Staffa a few bits of 19th century poetry remain in the cave.
I know because I saw Antiprank writing it.

By The Way : Scotland and Finland are quite close in that they tend to keep the population at about the same rate ( no progress).
Land policy you see.
Fuck the Duke of Westminster I say.

Friday, June 22, 2007

In Finland the Midsummer period ( a few days of boozing) is always ending in a kind of angst. Such is the Finnish character. But there is one way to counter that. It is called the game of human resources. ( if you thought Monopoly had it all ideologically correct then just try this).

How many human resources will be lost ( that is deadified or simply lost) for the Greater Finland this Midsummer?
Answers can come by this blog and no statistical analysis will be paid for.
How many Finns ( or nearly Finns) will die in Midsummer madness?

This competition ends on Sunday night-Monday-morning.
How many Finns dead this Midsummer? That is the question.
Check with the Finnish newspapers to see how important this is each year.

Bugger it I'm off for another beer.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

For any European agreement to be agreed it is necessary to trust the experts that satisfy the expert-systems. This means to deny the public space and voice (if allowed).
It would ne nice to hear from folk : who are these experts that WE trust?

Perhaps a few names could be presented on this blog.
Who is trustworthy in this EU ( or even nationalistic) facade?
The latest EU summit has been so kind to animals like cats and dogs and, of course, the big business leaders. But the spiders and the frogs and the reindeers have been ignored. It has been said by one newspaper that the EU is the "Poodle of Blair". Does Blair have a poodle? I guess we will see by Saturday.
Hares have closed down an Italian airport at the same time as Merkel ( no she is not one of the three little pigs) has tried to gather tortoises together.

Tonight I will read again George Orwell and Animal Farm in 1984+ and I will also find an animal for "me" tonight.
In Finland the Midsummer Festivals begin.
WE HEAR that the ever-youthful JB has said no more to the "Julie" of her past and her journalism exploits. She prefers the BIRCH-hill it seems. As she is reported as quitting the newspaper game she enters the Theology college.
Those that will say "What the fuck will be the difference?" are ok in this living hell.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

In a small and insignificant place far north there will be today a special celebration.
As the first English bishop visiting Lapland (to fulfil the desire against pagan ways) he was taken away to stay with his private heavens.
You see in some places the Falklands tragedy does not become a farce.
To forget is to fail and to forget that "FUCKLAND" philosophy is to die in the "Happy Consciousness" that is ..... well.... could we say Thatcher and Blair coming together.

Flag this if you want.

Saturday Night and Sunday Morning - stop press

Bob Dylan was honoured again in Europe but what was news was that one of his songs was heard to be blasting from two political Napoleans.
Herra Brown was seen and heard playing "Don't Think Twice it's alright" at volume and with a smile that would scare. ( It aint no use to sit and wonder why babe, if you don't know by now...)
But just a little wheeze across the waterside-front the new turd-way-guru ( actually Peter Sellers in drag) from France was playing the same song.

Who said that the soul of the EU constitution was dead?
Mr Burgess I Have "Seen" Your Daughter
Due to the unbelievable becoming so popular this ragged soul retired to bed and to read again that "Clockwork Orange". It was only now, not then, that I understood just why it was one of those banned books in UK morality-circles. Shit it was the New Labour Manifesto.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Joe Cocker honoured.
Whatever next in this royal bed?

Due to the recovering periods of those three intrepid travellers it is necessary to keep the faith. We must appreciate that living in places like Nottingham is difficult. We must understand that seeds sown in places like Yorkshire are seeds in need of culture(ing). To be born or bred so far away from the sea is to be, to say the least, disadvantaged.

But the blogotechnosphere helps the disadvantaged and gives them a sure-new-start in real life. The essence of blogs is, as Andre Gide well knew, the heart and soul of the boat and the sea.
A boat and a blog was never designed to remain in safe harbours.

Today even disadvantaged folk from Nottingham and Harrogate can enjoy the real world and become.......
Surely this is a good thing.

Friday, June 15, 2007

I Do Agree
Sport is but a "Prison of Measured Time" ( Jean-Marie Brohm)

But what about those other "Leisure" experiences?
But what about the most "unsporting types that blog?

Blogging is but a prison of measured personal space.

Give us another one do.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The one size fits all was never a socialist ideal. It was a nasty management ideology as well as a nasty way to dumb down towards profits. At last the UK Labour party begins to see itself in the mirror and the image is ... well.... fuckin discustard. Rumours are going around that mr Bliar was born because of a failure in condom size and a condom not fit for purpose in that situation. But anyway Blair was conceived.

The Labour party wannabees, the louts and the careerists have been sucking up to Blair for so long that even the Daily Mirror is joining thee Sun and the Daily Telegraph and the Daily Mail, Express and Guardian in the Blair is a Bad Bastard campaign. Even the bear Murdoch has begun to abuse the self-esteem of that loser-Blair. But the smiles from both front and backbenchers in the sickly Labor camp have only sucked in what was all to do with a failed condom. Time to spit now is it?

Of course George Orwell, in his book "Coming Up For Air" said things long before about the nasty Blairisms. He wrote :-
" Rotten fish in a rubber skin. Bombs of filth bursting into your mouth." (p.27).

As the condom splits the time comes to spit rather than swallow.
( ah shit the standard of journalism today......... sori. )

Tuesday, June 12, 2007


In my Me World.
Found myself, again,
Far far Away
In The me World.

I went living again
Off slaves,
in my Me World.
Off slaves.

I felt the warmth
I felt the heat.
I dressed for an occasion.
I became.
I became.
The bang.

A hero.

I felt the thud
I felt the dud.
I felt.
I felt a seeping and a
and a kicking
As a thud
and a duddering hit hits

The lost world
Always hitting.

This blog has tried in the past to open up a few big things ( like the legs of LB, with very little success) and this blog must take some blame for the present "anomie" condition.

However, without trying to whinge and cringe, imp or whimp, this blog finds a trend towards a far too independent positioning. This alienates the necessary ideological structure of truth and reason. The significant centre is debased and alienated through such open systems of anything-goes, so long as it pays, labour.

In a word.
I FUCKED UP and I helped kill so many in the process.
( I now go off to Yellow Duck and Anticant for therapy).

Please forgive me I want my legacy.
What can be said when a daughter gets paid to perform on stage in a theatre production? What can be said when this ole Zola attended with both pride and prejudice mixed with Hans Christian Andersen. What can be said? What happens when our sprogs show us the way? What happens when worlds are turned upside down?
What happens when we compare our loved ones to the buds of May when those darling buds of May sing in June-times? What happens?

BTW : Southwold is one of the places soon to be visited on the UK tour. Girls school near by and Adnams Ale too.

Saturday, June 09, 2007

European Citizenship Exams - Revisted

You may take my finger prints and my DNA.
You may take my e-mail address too.
But will you get me where you want me?
Will you get just what you want?

I read Kafka
But now I am OK
But still you hound me.

Alas the exams are coming for citizenship. After years of slow-moving sillibuss travels the exams are coming. The song " Burma Days Are Here Again" springs to mind and this reminds me of one of those questions. The exam begins.

What would be the questions for a European Citizenship Diploma examination?

Here is a starter ( giving but two of a twenty question Grand Exhibition Sillibus)
1) What did you understand by the book "Burmese Days"?
2) Who has really benefited from the "European Union" legislation(s)?

Friday, June 08, 2007

Due to the eternal return(s) and the curses of my class I was writing things for money. This Zapp was Yuked and ducked again . The only good thing about it all was the uni-lot did damned good work and the administration must think again. No there was another little goodie too. Some complaints came to a newspaper saying that my work was not objective. Oh yes and I get paid.

A few things got edited out from my polite texts for public consumption however. One was the : "the students need to be given time to study critical alternatives".

Another was ( concerning the G8 and Bush-Bliar performance as of Thursday - to be printed on Friday) was this : " The "Decline and Fall", as witnessed by the likes of Evelyn Waugh, related to this G8 fate - a suicide gate to Orwellian heaven - was all to do with poor old Pennyfeather who went "WITHOUT TROUSERS" and got caught. And when our Pennyfeather became a teacher he looked at his room at the college where there was : " Over the chimneypiece a green baize notice-board covered with lists..."

Monday, June 04, 2007

Three suspicious individuals, dressed in Edwardian costume, are being hunted down right now by Italian police. One police official said that : " these three people seemed to be a little foreign and they were seen to be dancing upon the grave of Percy Bysshe Shelly. This was after a boating trip. There was also a strong wine smell everywhere".

But we are told that this may not become a diplomatic incident. Time will tell.

It is time to give the protesters, the bloggers and the social movement groups more and more intellectual and public support. As the USA-UK ( in that pecking order) continues with hegemony ways, using all kinds of propaganda to constrain alternative voices, then it is time for all active citizens to make their voice loud and clear. Then more and more normally weak-willed and career minded politicians may feel the need to listen. From this the hawks might listen or be forced out. Of course this is a romantic notion but like all romantic notions it has a possibility.
In an age and a culture of "me" as "can you see the real me?" WE ALL can, without irony sing out loud the words from a popular song thus :-

" .... No short-haired yellow-bellied son of tricky dicky is gonna mother soft-soap me"

Could do worse, could do worse......

Friday, June 01, 2007

The next week will be a big week for Finland. Football is more important than Nokia. Nokia Land has always been a piece of propaganda. At least Finnish footballers do play for Finland !

I like football because folk can play the game with next to nothing. Just a few people and one ball. That is all it needs. I like that. Hope Finland does well. Hope they qualify for their first ever European tour for the cup.
I am too old to help them and I guess they do not need my help anyway. The last time I played in Finland was with a small local team ( who later reached the top league) and I got sent off!!! Jesus. I was only invited to play and not even on the books. But I did help them to learn. How can a small defender "de-stablise" a big attacker? If you need to ask this question you cannot afford me.

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