Wednesday, January 31, 2007


We have created the "youth" myth and we keep on increasing the range of this myth. Before youth was about teenager age but today it seems to be somewhere between 12 and 27 years of age. Such labels are confusing and absurd. So who benefits from this mad and absurd myth-making deal? A human being at 14 years of age is often capable of making children, working hard, studying, playing and all the rest. A human community could support this kind of realist appreciation. But no.

We hear that in places like the UK ( and in other EU countries) schools are said to be places for ALL until 18 years of age. Then, after that a continued "education" called life-long-learning should take place. Wow! But maybe this deal keeps the younger ones off the streets and off the unemployment statistics and under watchful eyes. Maybe. I just wonder who really benefits.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007


We all do things that we ought not to have done I guess. But as I have no rights for the confessional I must use the new confessional place of blogs. Yesterday I made the meal for the family with all good intentions. But today I must confess. The meal was :-

" Tender, juicy chicken breast fillets filled with Gouda cheese and reformed turkey ham covered in crispy breadcrumbs. "

Please be kind to me after my cock-up. I repent.

Sunday, January 28, 2007


Berlin was a master of rhetoric and almost a cult figure. How else might we explain why his essay on "Hedgehogs and Foxes" hit the headlines so often. I will not go into detail of this essay ( easily found and on the net) but Berlin polarises hedgehogs and foxes in a vain attempt to promote value pluralism. In other words he wants to have his cake and eat it at the same time. He got away with it too. Any undergraduate with a good keen supervisor would have quickly been tied up in knots if such an essay had been put forward during a third year but Berlin was a cult figure and it helped his fame. A fox is like a cunning mover whereas the poor hedgehog is stuck into one main idea.

Berlin thinks Goethe and Balzac a fox. He thinks that the likes of a Tolstoy and any of the many one-big-idea-theme lot to be hedgehogs. I doubt this polarisation by Berlin is worth taking seriously unless we find it reasonable for play.

What would we say about our related bloggers like the Yellow DUCK. What is this type of being? Is the Duck like a fox?
Then we have the resident Tyger !!! Is this Tyger a "burning bright" light, immortal with SYMMETRY and a fearful presence - therefore akin to a hedgehog? - in dark times like this.

As Zola predicted in his usual graceful way the tennis final in Brucer Land was a real neck stretcher and better than any fancy therapy. Serena Williams toppled the Siberian Maria Sharapova. OK there was still a bounce or two from Sharapova but the bouncing balls from Williams were pure delight for the eyes. Williams bounced in bigger ways and proved again that she is still a woman on top. Williams simply turned us all on with her over the shoulder boulder holders and Sharapova could hardly compete and could hardly return a service.
According to the latest news there has been a huge increase in neck disorders today and the hospitals suspect that this tennis match was partly to blame.
The umpire has, it is said, been receiving therapy for post-tennis-eye trauma.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

ICE BERLIN PART 111 ( the pot stews now)

Sometimes philosophy specialists forget or ignore the really existing scene. This is not to say that all philosophers do this. But what is this freedom and liberty that we often find ourselves debating? If there has always been a tension between everyday talk and the talk of philosophers there is also the tension between the really existing world, the perceived world and the pure world. What is this damned freedom and liberty?

According to George Bush jnr this freedom and liberty ( and all) is written clearly for all to see and feel. No questions needed and no debate. Just look at the signs on the USA concentration camps and see for yourself. Or just suffer a speech. It was said many times that if people had really read and listened critically to the words of Adolf Hitler then the Jews would not have been killed. But Jews were killed. Murdered. The same is with the present George W Bush.

Now we hear Bush talking about oil and terror and war and budgets and now he does not talk of freedom or liberty. Before all this was freedom and liberty but today ( God Bless) oil comes back. The left wing, like Chomsky, must be smiling and crying ! But this is a real issue, i think, when Berlin is discussed. What is the real existing freedom and liberty and what connection is there to oil and to politics and capitalism?

This means to ask the kind of question that tries to handle the issue of a logic within a socio-economic movement. This means to ask "What is History"? Does it move? Or is there only you and me that move? Can there be progress or can there even be a kind of logic in capitalism? Can there be a logic to such historical movements and still yet an active participative "agent" that says yes and no and acts upon this. Is there, as Vico puts foward, a kind of logic to development or history?
Or are we merely in "voluntary servitude"?
Are we merely "Amusing Ourselves to Death"?

Somewhere here there is sense in studying Isaiah Berlin even if the pot might begin to stew a bit. To argue against Maggie Thatcher and her poodle Bliar is to take these kinds of questions seriously. Can society exist?

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

ICE BERLIN PART 11 ( the plot thickens)

Yesterday a few beginnings were made with berlin and the theme of positive freedom or liberty. But Berlin also wrote about a "Negative Freedom" which is commonly seen to be one essential aspect for a democracy. Yet at the same time we find many already saying that Berlin is but another brick in the wall of right wing and "ruling class" ideology. How might we think on this and work with this in terms of today? One way is to take a quick look at Zygmunt Bauman ( the respected Polish and UK professor ). He wrote :-

" To be an individual does not necessarily mean to be free. The form of individuality on offer in late-modern or postmodern society, and indeed most common in this kind of society - privatised individuality - means essentially unfreedom. ... ...( page 63) ...
That freedom which has been declared to arrive is the aspect of the human condition to which Isaiah Berlin gave the philosophical name of Negative Freedom ; an aspect which in popular use has been spelled out as FREEDOM TO CHOOSE, and in its popularist version as LESS STATE, MORE MONEY IN THE POCKET ( as Margaret Thatcher unforgettably excpressed it the liberty TO GO TO A DOCTOR OF MY CHOICE AT A TIME OF MY CHOICE) This really existing freedom is explained by the absence of constraints imposed by a political authority... " (page 72) The words from Bauman above are from his book " In Search of Politics" 1998, Polity Press.

Without going against Bauman we can quickly see that this kind of really existing freedom ( this icy negative freedom) is but another FREEDOM SO LONG AS YOU CAN AFFORD IT.
No wonder that left wing types fail to fall into the Berlin bunker.

Monday, January 22, 2007


Those awful rationalists keep knocking on me door. They keep asking me to join their party or at least vote for them. One aspiring Prime Minister is Isaiah Berlin of the so called "Positive liberty" party. They write on their posters that "self-mastery" is the outcome from their rational programmes of action.

I am suspicious of this Icy Berlin prefering the parties of Dionysus. I suspect that this new candidate for the party election is yet another "self-tyranny" expert who wants to do everything to stop me really living well.
Calling on all imps and wimps and banjo players. Help. How can i rebel against this new Positive Liberty party without support from those that feel and experience that which is denied by this Icy Berlin and his party?

Sunday, January 21, 2007


Johnny Depp has been caught trying to buy his suit from a London place and a place that might have been considered to be suitable by the likes of a Somerset Maugham or even V.S. Naipaul. Johnny Depp is becoming a class act. Savy? Row bullies row? If you think this suits you click on and google something like "Johnny Deep suit you suit you sir " and see where you get. OK see YOU TUBE if yer like.

Last night I watched the Pirates of the Carbbean mark 2 and I am now convinced that our Depp lad is fit to be suited with the likes of a W.C. Fields and Peter O*Toole. I am told that a certain Rolling Stone, ( who said his job was better than working for a living), Keith Richards, will play the father of Captain Sparrow alias Depp. I find myself looking forward now to Pirates of the Caribbean mark 3. Those one-line digs from a W.C.Fields and the sluuurred rhetoric of Peter O'Toole will hit the street again if only our Rolling Stone can behave himself for a few moments of the day.

But I remain with some doubts. Dressing Keira Knightly up in pirates boys clothes was a blessing sir, blessing sir and suits me it does suits me. But i suspect that they will try to take away our cross-dresser Keira nightly. Shame I say. But in the end we must say that the code has been understood now by Depp. Suits im it does, suits im sir.

Saturday, January 20, 2007


Those chats around campfires are a bit like some blogs and folk. They are both quite different from lectures given from up high in church or university or even school. A chat around the campfire is free - we can tune in and tune out at will. The campfire allows that kind of freedom. There is no master of ceremonies peering down at us. There is no one way to chat. The story continues around and around until it gets into a kind of memory or even a tradition. People pick up and mix and continue the story and it all goes on. It is all a bit like that old oral tradition in one way.
In Norway there has been a continuing debate concerning "book culture" and the older folk and oral culture attached to the lands-folk. Politics in Norway today has mainly taken the book-way-world but there are enough remaining just a little ( just well enough) outside to continue conversations with a campfire chat line.
But in Norway there is no one word for a campfire. Each local area has its own way of making and firing fires. Indeed a knowledgeable Norwegian walking hills or forest can often tell just who made that fire and this through the structure and design.
Many blogs are, it seems to me, like this. OK.

Friday, January 19, 2007


Those in power or who think they are in power sometimes love to try and burn or even ban the bloggers. The blogs today, with the internet wilderness ways, take on a space that has never before been so powerful. Before, in history, the social movements and the protesters ( remember Trade Union folk or Chartists or ....) needed to meet in person and be physically "there together". Easy job for the officials and their spies to prevent this or even to turn the guns on those protesters. History has been like that. Today, with the blogs and the messy meshworks, that come with the internet, there is more freedom to protest. Shame that so many do not like this.

Protesters about world global trade profiteering through to human rights, from groups gathering ( via internet) in Canada or Sweden or ...... , meet and organise through the internet channels quite often. OK the spies are still there but the net allows a certain come in quick and get out quick freedom. This kind of freedom is not liked by those that will insist upon their power-elite status. This kind of freedom is not liked by those that believe in some abstract version of freedom or abstract version of responsibility.

Much and many on the blogs and internet sites are similar to the age old and still viable "SOCIAL BANDIT" environments. As the good Historian, E.J. Hobsbawn, wrote :-

" The point about the social bandits is that they are peasant outlaws whom the Lord and the State regard as criminals, but who remain within peasant society ... fighters for justice ...perhaps even leaders of liberation ... in any case ... to be supported. "

The power-elite are anxious long live the bloggers!!!

Arto Paasilinna, an exceptional Finnish writer, has been well translated into English by Herbert Lomas. The book " The Year Of The Hare " is one from the UNESCO collection of representative works and published by Peter Owen Publishers. It has been a best seller in France as well as more northern lands. But it is a shame that many English speaking folk seem not to have come across this book.
To say too much about the story, a novel, would be awful but if you can imagine the adventures of a journalist quitting his job to help a hare, hurt in the forest, then you might get the feeling for this wonderful piece of literature.
Translations are also in Hungarian, Greek, Italian, Dutch, Swedish ( sorry about that) and German.

" Early next morning Vatanen woke up to birdsong in a sweet smelling hayloft. The hare was lying in his armpit ....... "

" Was he drunk?", asked his wife ..."

" Where is that Vatanen now?", asked the editor. "

Really I am not going to tell the story. It is too good to spoil.

( No Anticant it is not postmodern and for fu..s sake do not give it to the beadle )

Thursday, January 18, 2007


Much talk about postmodern title-tattle or anything-goes nihilistic banality. Shame that much of that talk, when from those trapped into a tradition of correct reason, is, to say the least rather misinformed. I try to defend, a little, this indefensible pomo turn. One might forgive me if I refer to "obscure" literature in my attempt but at least i shall not pretend to be a correctly read "Philosopher King".

First a contentious point needs putting aside. This is the "anything-goes" theme which is commonly misrepresented as being just postmodern. Any fairly disciplined reading of political economy and philosophy will, without unnecessary expert positioning, help us to see that Capitalism is by far the main driving force behind this anything-goes thing where "all value is equalised". To keep this more down to earth let us consider a text from the Business and Society Review :- " Suppose that, as a result of using up all the world's resources, human life did come to an end. So what? " This has been the anything goes position of capitalism for some time has it not. Postmodern tribes have rallied against this for a very long time now.

Now with that centralising habit called reason and/or ordering we find our own Anticant claiming that we mix, all too often and badly, an "important" thread or theme with things like the price of fish. How to reply to that? Perhaps we move to the good works of the American black writer Du Bois when he writes about the death of working folk thus :- " My journey was done and behind me lay hill and dale and Life and Death. How shall man measure Progress there where the dark faced Josie lies? How many heartfuls of sorrow shall balance a bushel of wheat? "

Then a quote from another :- " Postmodernism is, in fact, the phantasmagoria of a prior, freakish world. Those that fear the beasts are not wrong. Their nostalgia for a kinder home than they have wells from the same unthinking place of insensate feeling that authors principled dreams of a better world. The freaks and the beasts are signs of a bad dream..." ( Charles Lemert )

What i have tried to say here may not satisfy but without due consideration from those that misrepresent postmodern texts and sensitivities ( without some respectful work) I would find it very difficult to avoid saying "J'Accuse......

I have noticed a few basic changes going on in the tennis world over the last few decades. OK that is obvious I know. However I do not mean faster and stronger serves and stuff like that. Things more basic have changed. Let me provide two examples.
First the mens game takes second place today and women playing are the centre court attraction. The men have only themselves to blame for this. Before when robots like the Swede Bjorn Borg endlessly tossed the ball across the court and from the back the crowds would yawn. But at least then we had characters to liven things up. Nastatse from Romania was a joy to see as he teased out an art form foreign to the Swedish robot. But today the Borg robotics has won out and there are no characters left in the game. The main point here comes from the eyes of the spectators and the umpire. Left to right, left to right, left to right until the neck hurts. But no, no, no not today. Today there is more neck variety involved as women take the main eyes.

This second point concerns the adventurous and sensuous clothes ( or lack of them) worn by the female players where cleavage is part of the game. Serena Williams set off a trend here and the likes of Maria Sharapova in her slightly different way enchants the crowds and the umpire. She jumps up and down as if she is determined to throw a wobbler and this before each and every new point. The umpire and spectators now have their eyes going up and down, up and down as well as left to right. Much more healthy this tennis eye today and the neck gets good exercise.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007


It has been said and written in Corinthians 1-14.40 ( yes the Bible) :-
" Let all things be done decently and in order ".
We might imagine Toni Bliar organising his public investigations and fraud squad reports with just such a biblical justification.
But, after considerable reflection, I prefer to come down on the playgrounds that are a little rough and dirty. I prefer to skip and dance around with Martin Buber who wrote that : " Play is the exultation of the possible ."

Come on you gals and guys I cannot write about football all the time.


It is silly to try and keep things as they used to be. Traditions and places and folk were never what they used to be anyway. However for exiles it is OK to be silly sometimes. It has been 30 years now away from the UK. Do I miss certain things? Oh yes I do.

Marmite and similar essentials get sent to me so I cannot complain there. But fish and chips within a newspaper dripping with vinegar and mixed with salt is dearly missed and i must try to stop smelling and thinking about it if I am to remain sane.

Mushy peas --- Oh dear me, another lusty sin of mine that is missed. Mushy peas with mint sauce. Damn it i have just had an orgasm. Forgive me.
Pubs in North Wales on a Friday night when the locals sang and I dared not open my mouth to sing with them. They were beautiful even if many suffered from mines and abuse from profiteers. Oh how they sang. Shivers down me spine and a beauty beyond measure. Keswick in winter time ......... walking legless across to Wasdale .... and ...

Tuesday, January 16, 2007


That old "BOLDSCOT" has been at me agin. Demands more chat about football. He talks of a hero, Jim Baxter, who was in the bar boozing when he should have been playing. He talks of his opportunity on the pitch as Baxter gets pissed. How true to life and how wonderful. Jim Baxter was one of the best "half-back" players ever to be on display and he rates in any world top twenty. Like a good football player he liked his booze. Rugby players only tried to keep up. But our very own "BOLDSCOT" went onto the field and replaced his hero with himself and all this through popular demand. The rumour is that he did very well. BoldScot remembers it still today after all those years. To stand in for a hero is wonderful and a working class hero is something to be.

Had a similar experience myself once. To stand in the shoes of a hero is ........... let us just say memorable.

Monday, January 15, 2007


Yet another blogsite pretends towards freedom of comment and anti-censorship. But yet another blogsite controls the space. Oh how nice it would be if I knew THE subject let alone "my" subjects!! But alas I am, yet again, a dirty unserious space. I will never reach the status of a Queen this way.

Sunday, January 14, 2007


The Knight Errant was lost on the death bed of Don Quixote. If that was not enough Monty Python added extra dirt onto that grave and enough to prevent even a turn let alone a new sit-up. However all is not lost. Even when Awks de-ride Derrida and even when a "Butwhatif" bombardes our moral selves with self-interest as security ( so long as you can afford it) all is not lost. Let me introduce to you the "DIFF-ERRANT".

This person bent upon fragments and difference says no to idle indifference. This rather playful, almost anarchistic, adventurer finds through noble and dignified frolics a way ahead. This always wandering wondering soul at play insists on the personal responsibility for others to be diff-errant too. Yet resists warlike ordering of things when it is people that must come first.
Under the crest is written " Errare humanium est".

Saturday, January 13, 2007


I am fed up and tired with newspapers and politicians struggling to justify shit through that so called 9/11 thing. Enough is enough. The USA has been the main terror for so many countries and folk since that bomb dropping in 1945. The USA has raped and pillaged and covertly abused so many different countries that one can only ask the question : why did it take so long for others to retaliate? The UK? Just how many today can justify a Great Britain role in world affairs?
That the larger world is slowly waking up is no shock.
The USA-UK axis is now scratched and the skin broken as the beast emerges from within. The sooner this USA-UK axis realises this the better for most USA and UK folk.

Surfing around with Awks takes a toll. Last week our infamous Swagier over on the equally infamous "Pirates Lair" ( see links) mixed existential angst with the deep pessimism of Polish high society betwixt and between Catholicism and Capitalism. Then low and behold the usually "respectable" and " upright" Anticant ( see links) began using words like knickers and worse and even began to imply naughty sexual scenes behind the scenes. I was led to wonder just what the world was coming to. Was this blogosphere leading both the Szwagier and the Anticant into a wicked darkness? Then the Anticant began writing stuff about the military and recruitement in such a way that the "Great" in Britain was clearly lost forever even with the respectable and senior classes.
I began the day by staying in bed. The Szwagier had touched me. An existential moment was upon me I guess. Then the cat on the bed farted. Reason to get up and away I thought. So I asked myself about this existential stuff and the absurd army and navy lark. I went back to the writings of one Henri Barbuse :-
" Poor devil, said Tulacque. You see, said Paradis, we not only take em to get killed, but mess them about first ! "
There, now I feel better.

Friday, January 12, 2007


Yesterday I enjoyed a wonderful 6 hours with postgraduate students. They worked my poor brain hard and just to "keep up" with younger students is a challenge. But I maybe have learnt a few things with them. Today I reflect.

At the end of those seminar-type meetings the main questions were something like a call for cooperation between generations. The call was also concerned with the basic questions of our time : "What is to be done"? And ; "What can we do together?"

Thinking about that, last night, just before sleep, I realised that I was paid for my work and those students, educating me, were paying.

Indeed what is to be done if we are to work well together!!!!!

A few years ago I was visiting Dusseldorf in Germany and there was night free from work and typical gatherings. I asked for advice on what to do. One local Duss advised me to visit the "Longest Bar in Europe". A challenge and OK. Off I went to find this bar. He would not tell me the address. I started out about six in the early evening and began my quest peradventure. After the first two or three pubs I was getting closer. I had asked the bar staff in all pubs about this longest bar and they all knew it but nobody, they said, was allowed to say exactly where it was to be found. never give up was my motto for life in those years. By 11 O'Clock in the evening and after a few more pubs I found it thanks to a rare and honest lady who educated me. Thereafter i could rest and enjoy what was left of the evening. I waddled home quacking to myself and much wiser.
Am I the only AWK that has found this "Longest Bar in Europe"?

Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Due to even more complaints on me e-mail and due to the fact that I must work sometimes I give this little titty-bitty for those that abuse my other blogs. Whatever happened to morality --- oopps! No more of that !!! Morality is like Capitalism it is an OOPPS-word. So now for something different.

Whatever happened to Julie Christie?
Whatever happened to Susan George?
Whatever happened to Donovan?

But what if I am still divided ?
Is it not central that : " the morality or ethos of man (sic) is the way (s)he relates to the existential adventure of (s)his freedom?". ( Christos Yannerus, 1984 )

Tuesday, January 09, 2007


Yesterday one strong image came to me from the Pond and Yellow Duck ( see links) and I was thrown back into the education of Nobel prize winner Albert Camus. The Duck told how his duckling, after being away on holiday and away from her friends, ran off to the day care centre without even a hug or kiss for father duck. This was said with a clear love and affection. Oh how much that feeling of parents is a wonder of life, a joy. to see the young ones move on ahead without any need for formal politeness.

Albert Camus, on receiving news of his Nobel prize, thought straight back to one of his early school masters, Monsieur Germain, and he wrote a short letter to him. Camus wrote to Louis Germain that : " without you, without the affectionate hand you extended to the small poor child that I was, without your teaching, and your example, none of this would have happened ..."
Monsieur Germaine replied : " ... I do not know how to express the delight you gave me ... If it were possible I would give a great hug to the big boy you have become who for me will always be my little Camus."

Germaine continued : " Before closing I want to tell you how troubled I am, as a secular teacher, by the menacing plots aimed at our schools. I believe that throughout my career I have respected what is most sacred in a child : the right to seek out his own truth ... "

From a beautiful image at the pond through to Camus and his old teacher I was thrown again into contemporary education issues. Such is the beauty of blogs and folk I guess.

Sunday, January 07, 2007


Below on my blog I used the term "sympathetic reading" and I also intertwined a piece of poetic writing with a piece of writing based upon both educational theory and social and political theory related to education and learning practices in the world as it is or as we find it structured. What was more was that that blog was aimed at some comments on the Toby Lewis site "Reasons Sword" ( see links) where Wittginstein was an attempted thread. So now may I offer something more for this table talk :-

" The challenge today is to find alternative forms of social rationality beyond the positivistic extremes of both state socialism and utilitarian liberal capitalism ... For a genuine social rationality to exist we must refuse to allow the critical and interpretative functions to be reduced to the calculative ... Therefore we need a third dimension of language, a critical and creative dimension, which is directed towards neither scientific verification nor ordinary communication but towards a disclosure of possible worlds. This third dimension I call the poetic. The adequate self-understanding of the man(sic) is dependent on this third dimension of language as a disclosure of possibility."
( from Paul Ricoeur )

I trust that this small snippit makes reasonable sense in the context of the Awkward Squad Ring of Disenchantment. Maybe the conversation may continue ........

Saturday, January 06, 2007


Different voices may meet. With a sympathetic reading the two examples below may go some way to display this meeting.

" I shall be telling this with a sigh
Somewhere ages and ages hence :
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I -
I took the one less travelled by,
And that has made all the difference. "
( from Robert Frost " The Road Not taken" )

For me this is a beautiful piece of writing that connects as poetics might connect being more and less than rational discourse. Yet there are those that seem to be "at home" with a poetic bent even if they are from academia and scientific institutions. With this in mind I paste here another little piece :-

The choice between barbarism or socialism

"In traveling down the path of capitalist development, we have discovered, much to our alarm, that often it is the very political regimes that describe themselves as 'free market democracies' that have become unremittingly resistant to self-criticism. The struggle to build a world free from exploitation is a daunting one, and requires that we take path less traveled, that take us in directions less familiar, and toward destinations less certain. We make the path to freedom as we walk down it. And we remake ourselves in the process. Today, as in previous times when history has placed us at the dangerous crossroads, we face the ultimate choice between barbarism or socialism." - Peter McLaren, Professor of Education at UCLA
The above comes from the website of Juha Suoranta ( see my links)

Perhaps it is not always the case that different conversations, texts and language-games cross each other without meeting. Different worlds with a world?

Friday, January 05, 2007


January 6th coming up again. A time for the commonplace happening to emerge again in a new light. Heated arguments on blogsites are common and everyday things but the special kind of freedom that blogs display is priceless. This is a value beyond cost or time or measurement.
But with this special kind of freedom there comes, as I see more clearly now, a deep and beautiful postmodern morality. This becomes a possibility. No more guardians of the gates and no more rules handed down on tablets of stone. We are all in the public sphere and never alone yet we must decide ourselves what to blog and what to display. In the words of Zygmunt Bauman this may be, just may be, a new beginning for human being.

Whatever the reason trust and faith are two of the most popular issues today. From academia through to newspapers these two terms pop up everywhere. I had intended to write a little analysis of this pretence for a way away from crisis and capitalism but my bacon and eggs on the breakfast table gave me a different sense of a new day.
So this trust and faith issue has a time dimension ( other dimensions too, of course) and at breakfast time I thought that I do not trust most politicians because of my past experience with their lies and their guns and their lies. Trust demands a sense of past experience. I do not trust business dealers and wheelers from second hand car salemen though to female CEOs of major corporations. Experience forces me not to trust. But I do trust my family and I do trust my friends and I trust many due to my past. Trust in this sense is a thing to do with the past.
Faith? Maybe that is more attached to the future.
Faith is all that I can hope with if I am to be in any way active in the future.
Future games are based, rather much and necessarily, upon faith not trust.

Thursday, January 04, 2007


I suspect that "Papa" Ernest Hemingway was correct concerning dogs. He said that we can always sniff and sense the human community as we experience the behaviour of the dogs that live there. I guess that this appreciation is also applicable to many other walks of life. Woff Wuff. Maybe I have been reading again the "Plague Dogs" book by Richard Adams. Maybe I cringe at UK politics. Maybe I respond, in my own way, to the issue of awkward blogging. But please do not shoot the Hermes adventurer.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007


Sometimes, no matter how much many decry postmodern culture(s), confusion becomes very confused indeed. Some bloggers wish to present a question that might forge an answer through interaction. When this "thread" gets warped and whipped around a kind of anger sometimes creeps in. But blogs are rather postmodern and such playfulness is to be expected and even welcomed. There is no longer any "ONE WAY".
It is sometimes better, I think, for the blog-types to begin with an appreciation of a different kind of relationship where "COMMENT and RESPONSE" is equal but yet different from "QUESTION-ANSWER".
But, as Charles Lemert said so well : " The postmodern is more than you think it is".

My only excuse for posting this today is that the Awkward squad have been getting so many knickers in a twist trying to grapple with Wittgenstein and all that 1066 stuff.

As Finland passes on the EU leadership to Germany we found Foreign Minister, Erkki Tuomoja sharply criticise the whole ugly Iraq affair. It is already well know that he is disliked by Condi Sleezey Nice of the USA especially after he told her that he thought the USA should get its own house in order before crashing around the world stomping on other places in the disguise of freedom and democracy. Again this straight talking truth talking man is another example of the big difference between Finland and the UK and the USA.

Concerning again President Tarja Halonen one of her farewell 2006 comments was, to Zola, heartenening. She said that migrants and "foreigners" should never be only seen as in the numbers games of the market. All are human she said and deserved to seen and treated as being human first and foremost. Both Halonen and Tuomioja are long time friends, since university, and long time active social democrats. It is good to see that the social democrats remain leading in every poll taken this far over the last year.

As President Tarja Halonen said clearly in her New Year speech Finns should feel good that Finland was the first European country to give women the vote and to have a one person one vote system. This was in 1906 meaning now a 100 year tradition. You may read the speech for yourself by clicking in to my linked pages from Juha.
However it must be said that women in Finland today still wait for equal pay for equal jobs. It is a crying shame that women still and often get paid up to 25% less than the men for doing a job of work that is considered to be equal.
But 100 years ago Finland had the most up to date political democracy in Europe and this included the secret ballot, proportional representation where the franchise was universal.
Did we hear not so long ago that the UK led the field in democracy?

Tuesday, January 02, 2007


After much reflection it seems that this infamous "Lady From Crewe" needs a very good stiff talking to.
In the words of the moral mushroom : Bring em on".
The Beadle is away.
Let cats play I say.
As you were Sgt Major.
Stand the men at ease.

" Go forth and multiply" (???)
On a day like this and after New Year frolics it is necessary for those deviant souls like myself to seek and find the appropriate direction for the future. So a simple phrase like "Go forth and multiply" ought to be one easy step forwards. What on earth could this phrase mean?
Zola must do some work this week. That New Year deviance demands cleaning up so that order might be restored.
Advice needed so that me ed might be cleansed.

Monday, January 01, 2007


During the Christmas and New Year our very own Anticant in his "Burrow" has been leading us all into sticky situations concerning his now infamous mince pies. Zola has been checking out the safety regulations for these suspicious little things especially when the wicked brandy is also an ingredient.
Thanks to the reliable news service of "Spiked" ( website article "Killjoy to the world") we learn that in the UK these brandy mince pies are a decided health risk. The Craven District Council insisted that warning posters be put up in one village where these infamous brandy mince pies were to be consumed by the unknowing public. The council went futher and demanded that a risk assessment be made concerning these pies and the public health.
In other words our very own Anticant has been neglecting our wellbeing.
Zola has informed the Beadle of the Parish, who, on hearing this, was less than amused. The Beadle is going to be after the goolies of Anticant unless this kind of behaviour is better controlled in the interests of the public. The Beadle said in no uncertain terms that Anticant has been "very naughty indeed".

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