Monday, December 07, 2009


I will only eat my delicious pea soup on a Thursday.
Over the Xmas I will eat up as many farting beasts as I can.

Along with Mr Murdoch I have de-googled the University of East Anglia.

I am also planning never to piss in the snow again ( even if I thought it was nice art work).

I am working hard on a few more decisions but it may take a week or two to finalise the totality.


Merkin said...

To piss in the snow is one of life's great luxuries.

the burrow bard said...

I'm planning a postmodern Christmas
Not like the ones we used to know
Where the pea soup thickens
And beasts' fart sickens
Our Zola pissing in the snow.

I'm planning a postmodern Christmas
With every Google search I make
And with Murdoch hot on the take
You can bet your Christmas cheer's a fake.

zola a social thing said...

G'Day Merky Boy and the BB.
I have often asked for reason to be shown here on this most reasonable of blogs.

But alas.
I guess my expectation is flawed and I guess me hope is not much better.

However as the "small Xmas" culture begins here in Finland I find it all a dream.

In the UK you have office parties. Nothing to compare with the Finns and the "Pikku Joulu" events.

And NO I was not edifaected at Eton.

anticant said...

Oh do be reasonable!

This blog is the last refuge of the cheerfully insane in this gloomy 21st century of miserable lunatics.

Stick to surrealism, please.

And a merry Small Xmas. And what are Pikku Joulu events? Sounds mind-boggling.

zola a social thing said...

Pikku Joulu events are many-sided and even postmodern.

Sometimes they are a practice session for the Xmas piss-up.

At other times they are the real piss-up and dancing on the tables kind of thing. Becuase the real Xmas is a family event at home with expensive sproglings and an expansive universe.

yet at other times the Pikku Joulu is that "Little Xmas" that is just soooo much needed by folk that already live under the darkness for most of the day.

So what I want from you lot is the light of the FULL MOONING.

Just the enlighten the place you understand.

Anonymous said...


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