Thursday, December 10, 2009


As I write I sense that I have hardly seen a sun or even a dim lighted day for sometime now. We are now getting to the dark times.

OK you try and live happily with almost 24 hours of damned darkness.


anticant said...

I live unhappily surrounded by 24 hours of near-universal intellectual darkness 7 days a week.

anticant said...

If a shaft of light were to penetrate my gloom in the shape of an email from Zola, it would be very welcome. The last one I sent you wasn't delivered, for some reason.

Anyway, a Merry Christmas from all the Burrow shades and Arena staff.

zola a social thing said...

No idea about that e-mail me anticant. Not my doing.

I am now going to send you a few of my bills. That should cheer you up. But pay them quickly before i am forced to follow the Blair-way

nerdy knows best said...

Urgent message to Grumpy Aunt.

Your e-mail system has been down or so we gather.
It is your own e-mail that is causing concern.

anticant said...

My email system is OK. I'm still getting a "check recipient's address" message for Zola. Over to you.

Born in Winter said...

Hail to darkness. Now it´s shortest day of year and wolfs creep from Norht. Have you Zola seen them passing. For intellectual darkness there is propably no declination for this day.

Anonymous said...

Paraphrase please

Anonymous said...


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